BOOKS about Tasiilaq and Eastgreenland. A selection.

3913 Tasiilaq By Ole G. Jensen

The author, photographer and museum manager Ole G. Jensen has produced a gem of a photographic portrait of the town of Tasiilaq on Greenland’s east coast. The book is an appetiser if you haven’t been to Tasiilaq, and an attractive confirmation of beautiful moments and experiences in time if indeed you’ve been there before.
No-one is in any doubt that Greenland is beautiful - indeed, very beautiful. As a result, books containing fantastic photos from Greenland covering its scenery, wildlife, shrinking glaciers, etc., are published fairly regularly. However, in this book, Ole G. Jensen has chosen to focus on life in an East Greenlandic community - depicting the town's everyday life and its people.
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Ammassalik: A Jewel in the Arctic Crown

Greenland, Kalaallit Nunaat, is the world's largest island, covering an area of 2.175.600 square kilometres - most of which is hidden by the immense icecap. On Greenland's East Coast, in an area similar in size to the British Isles, isolated by mountainous terrain and vast fields of pack-ice, is the Ammassalik area. A true wonderland of arctic nature and home to the world's most recently discovered civilisation (1884) - the Ammassalimmiut. Kristjan Fridriksson has travelled extensively within the area, photographing the glorious landscape, the unique light and the traditional life of the Ammassalimmiut society. Through his photographs he portrays in a unique way the people and the places that make the Ammassalik area a true jewel in the arctic crown.
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Arctic Adventure - Realities of Global Warming

In the summer of 2007, Luc Hardy led a 9-person expedition to Greenland that included scientists and children. Through the use of spectacular photography, Greenland Impressions chronicles the 5-week voyage from the largest village on the eastern sea coast to the highest peak in Greenland, then onto the northernmost point of the Arctic, in an effort to examine the conflicting changes which are occurring there.
Hardy’s eyewitness account of the impact of global warming on Greenland, and its plant and animal life struggling to cope with rapid change, is juxtaposed with the grandeur and beauty of the scenery.
These are but a few of the impressions that describe Greenland - one of the last, and maybe the ultimate, frontier.

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The Hunters of Ammassalik

Danish professional hunter Lars Anker-Møller describes in his photobook the life of Eastgreenlandic hunters, following them through all seasons of the year. The book contains many beautiful pictures that illustrate daily life with hunting methods and traditions still used today.

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Ammassalik ou la civilisation obligatoire

L’auteur a visité le même groupe de Groenlandais à trente ans de distance. En 1934, ils étaient tous eskimo, chasseurs de phoques, pêcheurs, employés ; en 1965, ils sont devenus des Danois du Nord : fonctionnaires, assistés, quelques chasseurs encore. Tous bons luthériens, plus de famines, une assistance médicale hors pair, plus de sélection naturelle, une population qui a triplé en une génération. Mais, chez tous, quelque chose demeure : malgré un gibus de ramoneur scandinave on est chasseur de phoques le dimanche...
Tel est le disparate assemblage créé par le jeu cruel de l’histoire. Pour leur souffrance et le déséquilibre du monde, grand nombre d’humains déchirés sont des « eskimo-ramoneurs ».
Les gens d’Ammassalik, écartelés entre la voix des pères et la morale des nouveaux maîtres, ne peuvent échapper à « la civilisation obligatoire ».

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Danish Translation:
Ammassalik: Den påtvungne civilisation
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