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Tasiilaq July 2006

People waiting in anticipation for the first supply ship after 8 months to enter port on 27th June 2007.

Winter in Tasiilaq. January 2007

Dogsledding on Ammassalik Island. April 2007

A cairn near Tasiilaq, eastward view over open sea. August 2008.

Icefishing on the fjord. January 2007.

Sunset overlooking Kong-Oscars-Havn Fjord in mid June. Photo taken at appr. 11 p.m. 16 june 2009.

Boat cruise to Knud Rasmussen Glacier, appr. 70 km NE of Tasiilaq. www.trave

Checking the seal net for a catch. April 2009.

Northward view from Seaman-Mountain at appr. 600 meters height. October 2008.

On a hunting trip by boat. April 2008.

Remains of Ikateq WWII Airbase Blue East 2 located appr. 50 km NE of Tasiilaq. June 2009.
Tasiilaq´s Community house on Election Day for the Greenlandic Parliament on 2nd June 2009.
The children´s paintings on the wall are on permanent display after a summer art workshop in 2008.

Enjoying the spring sun on a skitrip near Tasiilaq. May 2009.

Pack ice off Ammassalik Island. Kulusuk Island at some 20 km distance. 2nd May 2009.

Cod fishing at Kong Oskars Fjord. Photo taken at 11:30 p.m. on June 22nd 2007.

Ice fishing on the fjord on a sunny day in April 2009.

Winterview from Tasiilaq´s (out of service) ski drag lift. March 2009.

Kong Oscars Fjord lit by the winter sun; January 2009.

Sermilik Fjord view from Tiniteqilaaq settlement. October 2008.

Kulusuk Intl. Airport. June 2008.

"Midnightsun". 4 photos mounted; shot between 9:35 p.m. left & 4:15 a.m. right on 23rd/24th June 2008.

A group of hunters chatting and watching out for seals, late April 2008.

Tasiilaq seen from the fjord ice on 13th April 2008 at 7:30 a.m.

The moon over the fjord as seen from Tsittamut, Tasiilaq, at around 9 p.m. on 31 August 2007 .

Tasiilaq harbour area on a cloudy day in mid August 2007.

Tourists enjoying a summer day view over Kong-Oskars-Fjord. July 2007.

Tasiilaq, early May 2007. The fjord still ice covered.

Icefishing on Kong-Oskars-Fjord. January 2007

Tasiilaq November 2006

Tasiilaq as seen at full zoom level from opposite side of fjord. August 2006

Westward top view from Polhelmsfjeld Mountain, appr. 1,000 m high. August 2005

Eastward top view from Polhelmsfjeld. Kulusuk Island at far right.

Isortoq: one of Ammassalik districts smallest settlements, appr. 75 km west of Tasiilaq. August 2006

Skiing on frozen Kong Oskars Fjord, Tasiilaq in the distance. January 2006

View of Kong Oskars Fjord with Tasiilaq in the back. July 2006

View over Tinit Glacier and Sermilik Fjord in the back. March 2006

Sermilik Fjord August 2006

View from Pyramid-mountain over Kong Oskars Fjord. April 2005.

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