Many baked goods call for nuts indigenous walnuts to pecans, pistachios come macadamias and whatever other nuts to win the cooking recipes developer’s fancy. Weighing nuts is the most precise means to measure, yet numerous recipes (most American recipes for sure) call for nuts by volume such as 1 cup or 1/2 cup. Yet read the recipe an ext carefully….does it speak 1 cup chopped pecans, or 1 cup pecan halves, chopped. These are different measurements. The tiny pieces of chopped pecans will fill increase he space much more densely, yielding a heavier “cup”, if one were to weigh it, than the 1 cup that the huge pecan halves. These bigger pieces execute not nest together very well and also there will certainly be much more air spaces.

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When I write recipes, ns take treatment in composing what I mean and an interpretation what i write, so monitor my references for the correct volume measurements. (And, of course, execute not forget to use your high quality measuring cups).

If the cooking recipes calls for entirety nuts, or halves, then every you have to do is use them as is. If they room to it is in chopped, make sure to chop appropriately. If the recipe recommends toasted nuts, ns toast them all at once or halves, and also always allow to cool fully before chopping. Toasting brings the organic oils to the surface. Top top cooling the nuts will re-absorb and also re-distribute for the finest flavor and texture.

“Coarsely chopped” way just that. Location on chopping board, use a chef’s knife and chop them increase a bit. The size will stay fairly large and irregular. Since nuts vary so in dimension (think the a jumbo pecan vs. A pistachio) the is tough to provide measurements. What I try to carry out is chop many of lock at least in half, and also then half of those in half again.

“Chopped” is one step additional so the the nuts are reasonably evenly chopped – every one of them broken down to about one-quarter of your size.

“Finely chopped” way basically chopping lock as carefully as possible. 

Once her nuts are chopped you could end up through a bunch that powdery bits. Look in ~ this photo listed below of part fairly finely chopped nuts. Towards the facility of the photo you have the right to see exactly how there space some powdery bits on optimal of the pile.

Now, if you to be to incorporate this entire pile right into your recipe, those powdery bits could mar the structure of her baked good. What to do?….Sift castle out! look here…

It’s one easy means to remove the powdery part and the structure of her cookies, bars and also cakes will give thanks to you. I simply toss it away (there typically isn’t an extremely much, so that doesn’t feel wasteful – or use it to peak your oatmeal or yogurt).

Next step smaller and we are talking about ground nuts, i beg your pardon I carry out by pulsing in the food processor. They have the right to be “Ground” (one step below the “finely chopped”), or “Finely ground”, i m sorry is usually grinding them as fine together possible but stopping brief of making nut butter.

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My parting words to you, currently that girlfriend are armed with all sorts that nutty news, is to remind you come buy your nuts as you need them come make sure they space as fresh as possible. Store extra in the frozen refrigerator if making use of within a main or 2 – in the freezer because that longer. Always in one airtight container. Enjoy!

To shot your hand at a nutty recipe, shot my Pistachio Butterballs or Thumbprint Cookies.


Barb December 11, 2020

My cooking recipes calls for 1 cup of hazelnuts then chopping them. I have bought the hazelnuts already chopped. Carry out I usage 1/2 cup that them, or 2/3 cup or what?

Karen McCreary December 24, 2020

My recipe calls because that one and also one half cups of finely (or dust together you contact it ) chopped -just brief of grinding- nuts ,usually I use pecans .I am trying to number out how much to process in my brand-new Cuisinart . My scale weighs in oz. , grams etc. . I just want a rough idea and do too numerous . Thanks !!