We are fixing math with my friend and have a controversial situation has appeared) Help, please understand what is the prize of 5-5*5+5?!


The bespeak of operations is P.E.M.D.A.S, which describes Parentheses -Exponents - multiply - divide - add - Subtract.With this problem: 5-5*5+5

The an initial operation according to PEMDAS,is the 5*5 (multiplication)


Then we carry out the addition and subtraction, the is generally solved from left come right


The price is -15


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It need to follow the following Operations in order, multiplication - enhancement - subtraction.Hence,5-5*5+5= 5-25+5= 10-25= -15


how is the answer -15 bc pemdas says that you have to add before subtract for this reason if you perform 25 (which you gained from multiply 5x5) +5 you obtain 30 (because including comes before subtraction) and then u subtract the other 5 and you gain thirty so describe how u gained -15


When using PEMDAS, the rules state the from M&D, you perform whichever comes an initial left come right, and for A&S you do the same. Therefore you read the equation left come right, you carry out not do every one of the addition first and climate subtract.

Hey , My self jack connnor and also I to be a Maths teacher.I found many online websites loved one to maths and also online calculators.Online calculators are very helpful for thefor the teachers and as well together students.For example:- Arc length Calculator(https://www.calculatored.com/math/calculus/arc-length-calculator),Covariance(https://www.calculatored.com/math/algebra/covariance-calculator),Limit(https://www.calculatored.com/math/calculus/limit-calculator) and many more.

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I just want come ask a maths questionTo find the answer come the problem very first of all we require to discover the GCF that 210 and 300 to gain the size of the tiles (so that the minimum variety of complete tiles deserve to fit follow me length and breadth). 210=30x7300=30x10Hence, the GCF is 30.So, if she bring away 30cm tiles, she needs 7 of them follow me the 210cm side and also 10 the them follow me the 300cm side. So, in complete she demands 7 rows the 10 tiles totalling 70 tiles.

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