Since, we know that if every number is boosted by x, then brand-new average i do not care “Old average + x”

Since, typical of 12 numbers = 48

And, each number is boosted by 11,

So, brand-new average that 12 number = 48 + 11

∴ The new average will be 59.

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Q2. The typical amount of A and B, B and also C and C and also A space Rs. 190, Rs. 210 and Rs. 200 respectively. Find the amount of A.
Q3. The average period of 39 student is 25 years. If the age of a teacher is included the average is raised by 1/2 year . What is the period of the teacher?
Q4. If the size of 4 students is 140, 136, 142, 140 cm respectively, what will be the typical length?
Q5. A watch dealer purchase a certain number of watches at an median price that Rs. 190 every watch. The average price of 10 watches was Rs. 175 and also that of the staying was Rs. 200. Discover the total variety of watches purchased by the dealer.
Q6. The mean weight of 6 members in a household is 85 kg. If one member leaves the family, the median reduces by 5 kg. Discover the load of a member who left the family.

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Q8. The average mark of 4 subjects is 50. If the marks of secondary subject (Ecology) i m sorry is 80, is also included then, uncover the brand-new average
Q9. The median of 4 numbers equals 25. If one of the number is eliminated, the staying number's typical is 20. What was the number that was removed?
Q10. The average elevation of 10 college student of a course is 169 cm. Later, if has uncovered that the height of a college student is written 176 centimeter in place of 167 cm, what will be the actual average elevation of students?


Q1. X take it a loan from a bank for Rs. 15000 at the rate of interest which was the exact same as the duration of the loan. If the attention paid in ~ the end of the period was Rs. 18150, climate what to be the price of interest?
Q2. Consider the adhering to question and also decide which of the declaration is enough to prize the question.Question:Ajay is the nephew that Lalit. Identify the present ages of Ajay and Lalit.Statements:1.Their mean age is 36.2.After 14years, Lalit’s age will be double that that Ajay’s.
Q3. In the provided question, 2 equations numbered l and also II space given. Resolve both the equations and also mark the suitable answer.I. X2–19x + 90 = 0II. 2y2–11y –63 = 0
Q5. If p, q are the roots of the Quadratic equation ax2+ bx + c = 0. Then what is the equation whose roots space 1/p, 1/q ?
Q6. A guy sold 20 articles for Rs. 3600 and made a loss of 10%. How many articles should he sell for Rs. 4400 to do a benefit of 10%?
Q8. A dealer marks an article 50% above the price price and sells it come a customer enabling two succeeding discounts that 20% and 15% ~ above the marked price. If that gains Rs. 400 on the transaction then the cost price of the post is?
Q9. A sum of Rs 60000 amounts to Rs 67416 once compounded half-yearly after 1 year. What is the rate of interest?
Q10. An lot of Rs. 650 to be divided between A, B, and also C. If every of them had received Rs. 30 less, their shares would have been in the ratio of 2∶ 3∶ 4. Just how much money, out of 650, was got by B?