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I desire to to buy a watercraft for my mother so she can use to heat on little Bay de Noc, or at the very least the perimeters
. Anyways, i already have a 14" row boat up there. Ns am looking in ~ 8" plastic dinghys that method 61lbs. I require something that is lighter weight that she deserve to carry around (since she"s not getting any younger). In comparison exactly how much carry out the aluminum watercrafts typically weigh? thanks again.Claesp.s. No trying to flood the forum v ?"s but thanks
Years back, i owned a 12 foot Sea Nymph aluminum v-hull, version 12K, i m sorry was your liteweight model. I think it weighed about 100 to 110 lbs..Here"s a connect to Bass agree Shops boats. You"ll see that also their lite boats are pretty heavy. Native 145 lbs. To 255 lbs., relying on the model. Http:// ... Segment=15

You might take into consideration a canoe in the same dimensions... They have actually about fifty percent the material, so maybe half the weight???Or a plastic Kayak... I would think they are in the 30-40lb range... BLU would have the answers for that...

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