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ROCKLAND COUNTY, N.Y., June 10 / -- Troy Kay, a 15-year-old young man, damaged 3 civilization records in the 16 and under division of the World Natural Powerlifting Championship, held recently in Cocoa Beach Florida.

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Troy Kay, a freshmale at Don Bosco Preparatory High School weighed in at 215lbs and began the competition via a bench push of 325lbs, properly terminating the former human being document of 290lbs.

With 1 human being document under his belt, Troy Kay gotten in the deadlift category through confidence, deadlifting 445lbs and then moving on to tie the old human being document of 465lbs. With the former world document of 465lbs tied, Troy Kay determined to go for a new human being document, possibly the most complex of all. After including 35lbs to the bar, Troy Kay set a new people document of 500lbs deadlifted. Troy Kay rounded out the competition through 3 people records under his belt, cshedding with a record breaking linked weight of 1,210lbs lifted, in all, squat, bench press and also deadlift.

The World Natural Powerlifting Federation prides itself on requirements of steroid-cost-free powerlifting competitions and also everyday living, of which young men such as Troy Kay are a perfect example. Natural Powerlifting Champion Troy Kay stated that "My Dad constantly told me 4 fundamental things; difficult occupational, commitment, sacrifice and also dedication and also the civilization will certainly be one huge candy store." However candy and various other sweets are not on Troy Kay"s food selection. "I eat 6 times a day so that my body can absorb the food appropriately," added Troy Kay. Ideal diet and also nutrition is essential to Troy Kay"s commitment to doing well, steroid-free. Appropriate carbohydprices and organic supplements, coupled with an unparalleled workout ethic are all contributors to Troy Kay"s success.

While excelling at powerlifting Troy Kay has a actual love for the game of footround, at which he likewise excels. Troy Kay has been invited to get involved in Schuman"s National Underclassmen Combine Elite 100, The Premier Underclassmales Showcase/Combine, to which only 100, of the most talented young footsphere players, receive an invitation. Troy Kay was selected as 1 of 14 players, to be MVP"s.

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"Troy is an extremely modest teen," proclaimed Scott Kay, Troy"s" devoted Father and mentor. "He is at a location that he will far exceed expectations, as he still has actually a year and also a fifty percent to grow right into this division."

While he has actually damaged 3 human being documents, Troy has actually not actually trained for lifting competitions, he has actually been training for footsphere, which provides his lifting success all the even more tremendous.