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these coins space United states trade dollars issued in between 1873 and 1885. Trade dollars to be issued by the US government for use external the country, where neighborhood coinage was unavailable or unreliable. These coins can lug no mint mark, S mint marks, and also CC mint marks, and the CC mint marks room the most valuable. Over there are likewise plenty that counterfeit profession dollars (see below). Fakes are worth zero.You view damaged traded dollars a lot; the un-damaged ones are much more valuable. Damage contains cleaning, spots, stains, nicks, gouges, and any an outcome of terrible processes inflicted ~ leaving the mint, with one exception: chop marks. Profession dollars offered in Asia often present chop marks. These are small, punched-in marks in the coin placed there by merchants. A chop mark method roughly \"I, the merchant, expropriate this coin at complete value and also give it mine seal of approval. You have the right to use this coin in my shop anytime.\" In mine opinion chop marks include plenty of interest to already interesting coins.This web page presents approximate magazine values for US profession dollars in 3 steps: (1) coins without mint mark and also and coins through S mint marks, (2) coins v CC mint mark, and (3) coins through chop marks. Look for a mint mark listed below the eagle on the reverse. Be sure you recognize what \"catalog\" means. It is a weasel word, as described on the hatchet page.TRADE DOLLARS prior to 1879 NO MINT mark OR S MINT MARK:worn: $120average circulated: $160well preserved: $250fully uncirculated: $1000TRADE DOLLARS after 1878 NO MINT MARK:worn: $500average circulated: $800well preserved: $1000fully uncirculated: $3000TRADE DOLLARS through CC MINT MARK:worn: $220average circulated: $400well preserved: $700fully uncirculated: $3000TRADE DOLLARS with NICE-LOOKING CHOP point out NO MINT mark OR S MINT MARK:worn: chops include no valueaverage circulated: chops add no valuewell preserved: include $50fully uncirculated: add $200TRADE DOLLARS through NICE-LOOKING CHOP clues CC MINT MARK:worn: chops include no valueaverage circulated: add $50well preserved: include $150fully uncirculated: include $350These are approximate directory values. Be sure you understand just how to analyze them through looking at our ax page.The main give-away on the fake profession dollar above is the ill-formed lettering on the reverse. Not all fakes are as easily detected.

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Coin: 1048, Genre: united States, Timeline: world Created (yyyymm): 200907, last review: 201903 Appearance: regular round coin Metallic gray Letters: Latin Years: sort: 1873, filter: 1873 to 1885 Image: us_trade_dollar.jpg original inquiry: seated liberty american eagle 420 grains .900 fine trade dollar mrs seated eagle branch arrow star throne chair seat arrowhead eagle hawk falcon branch stalk star starburst