The Indian Head Cent, i m sorry debuted in 1859,averaged a mintage that 18 million annually, until 1877, once productionsuddenly decreased to just 852,000. Relatively couple of cents to be issued in 1877 due to the fact that the Mint had actually asufficient supply of older cent in warehouse to meet reduced demand forcoinage the year, because of soft economic conditions that began fouryears earlier.

In September 1873, a major financial firm, JayCooke & Company, asserted bankruptcy, complying with a failed attempt tosell bonds for the nation's 2nd transcontinental railroad. Thistriggered a chain reaction of bank failures and a short-lived closure ofthe new York stock market. Countless factories, railroads, and otherbusinesses were required into bankruptcy, sending out the US into a majordepression. This dilemm was dubbed the "Panic the 1873". by 1875, unemployment gone beyond 14%, through over 18,000 companies goingout that business. In enhancement to smaller demand for coinage since of the bad economy,the Coinage action of 1873 additionally reduced the require for brand-new cents in 1877.The Act provided for an exchange routine non-precious steel coins forbronze cents. By the time 1877 rolling around, redemptions to be paid outwith cent from ahead years hosted in Treasury vaults, furtherreducing cent requirements. In 1878, mintage jumped come 5.8 million, the start of asteep rise in production. Numismatic researchers have reason to believe far fewer than thereported 852,000 pieces for the 1877 cent were in reality struck. Allknown 1877's were struck through the exact same reverse die. In those years, itwas inexplicable for a die to last past 100,000 strikes, loan credenceto this theory. This may explain why the 1877 is valued greater than the 1909-S, whichhas a reported mintage of 309,000. The 1877 Indian Head Cent is considered by most collectors to it is in themost important date in the renowned Indian Head series.

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1877 Indian Head Cent
Coin photos courtesy that Ira& LarryGoldberg Coins & Collectibles, Inc., Beverly Hills, CA


1877 Indian Head Cent (G-4 Condition)

The 1877 Indian Head Cent is just one of thebest recognized rare coins in every one of numismatics, but surprisngly, it fallsbelow the in its entirety average the the rare Coin worths Index. The blue line above graphsthepercent adjust since the year 2000 in retail price the the 1877 cent inG-4 condtion, beginning at a baseline table of contents of100. The red heat demonstrates the in its entirety direction of the rare UScoinmarket because 2000 together calculated through the Index. The 1877 Indian Head Centis one of 87 rare us coins that comprise the Index. The table of contents isupdated monthly.

Members that the rarely CoinValues Index
DateCoin TypeGradeEst. Retail value Oct 2021
1793Liberty cap Left fifty percent CentG-44000
1802 2/0 Rev 1802Draped Bust fifty percent CentG-4850
1793 Chain AMERI.

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Flowing Hair large CentG-410000
1794 Starred RevLiberty Cap huge CentG-435000
1799Draped Bust large CentG-44750
1856Flying Eagle CentG-46500
1877Indian Head CentG-4600
1909-S VDBLincoln CentG-4600
1914-DLincoln CentG-4170
1922-D (No D)Lincoln CentG-4550
1864 small MottoTwo CentF-12375
1865Three Cent SilverPF-651750
1884Three Cent NickelF-12925
1795Flowing Hair fifty percent DimeG-41400
1797Draped Bust, tiny Eagle half DimeG-41500
1800Draped Bust, large Eagle half DimeG-41100
1865Seated Liberty fifty percent DimeG-4300
1879Shield NickelVG-8575
1885Liberty NickelVG-8600
1913-S form 2Buffalo NickelG-4325
1918/7-DBuffalo NickelG-4775
1937-D 3 LegsBuffalo NickelG-4475
1796Draped Bust DimeG-42750
1822Capped Bust DimeG-42000
1871-CCSeated Liberty DimeG-43250
1895-OBarber DimeG-4525
1916-DMercury DimeVG-81400
1942/1-DMercury DimeVG-8425
1875-CCTwenty CentG-4250
1796Draped Bust, little Eagle QuarterG-411500
1804Draped Bust, big Eagle QuarterG-44000
1823Capped Bust QuarterG-440000
1870-CCSeated Liberty QuarterG-49000
1896-SBarber QuarterG-4700
1901-SBarber QuarterG-44750
1916Standing Liberty QuarterG-42900
1918/7-SStanding Liberty QuarterG-41150
1923-SStanding Liberty QuarterG-4300
1932-DWashington QuarterF-12100
1794Flowing Hair half DollarG-44500
1796 16 StarsDraped Bust tiny Eagle half DollarG-440000
1815/12Capped Bust half DollarG-41750
1836 Reed EdgeCapped Bust fifty percent DollarG-41000
1870-CCSeated Liberty half DollarG-4900
1892-OBarber fifty percent DollarG-4300
1921-DWalking Liberty half DollarVG-8350
1938-DWalking Liberty fifty percent DollarVG-860
1953-S Franklin half DollarMS-65 FBL18000
1794Flowing Hair silver DollarG-475000
1796Draped Bust small Eagle silver- DollarG-41750
1801Draped Bust large Eagle silver DollarG-41000
1836Gobrecht Dollar, name on Base,Circ. IssueXF-4012500
1873-CCSeated Liberty DollarG-47500
1879Trade DollarPF-656350
1889-CCMorgan silver DollarF-12800
1893-SMorgan silver- DollarF-123750
1895Morgan silver DollarF-12 (PF Only)35000
1928Peace DollarF-12225
1849-C Cl. WreathType One gold DollarVF-201350
1855-DType 2 Gold DollarVF-2016750
1861-DType three Gold DollarVF-2033500
1796 No StarsCapped Bust $ 2.50 4 minutes 1 EagleF-1264500
1808Capped Draped Bust $2.50 4 minutes 1 EagleF-1245000
1826Capped Head $2.50 quarter EagleF-129500
1838-CClassic Head $2.50 4 minutes 1 EagleF-123850
1848 CAL.Coronet $2.50 4 minutes 1 EagleF-1235000
1856-DCoronet $2.50 4 minutes 1 EagleF-1210000
1911-DIndian Head $2.50 quarter EagleXF-403500
1854-DIndian Head three DollarF-1222500
1795Capped Bust small Eagle $5.00 HalfEagleF-1220000
1800Capped Bust large Eagle $5.00 HalfEagleF-124250
1808Capped Draped Bust $5.00 half EagleF-123500
1821Capped Head $5.00 half EagleF-1232500
1833 big DateCapped Head $5.00 fifty percent EagleF-1216500
1834 overcome 4Classic Head $5.00 half EagleF-121300
1861-DCoronet $5.00 fifty percent EagleF-1220000
1870-CCCoronet $5.00 fifty percent EagleF-1215000
1909-OIndian Head $5.00 fifty percent EagleXF-407250
1795 9 LeavesCapped Bust little Eagle $10 EagleF-1283500
1804Capped Bust huge Eagle $10 EagleF-1220000
1841-OCoronet $10 EagleF-126000
1879-CCCoronet $10 EagleF-1211250
1911-DIndian Head $10 EagleXF-402000
1930-SIndian Head $10 EagleXF-4031250
1859-OCoronet $20 dual EagleVF-2016500
1907 wire RimSt-Gaudens $20 dual EagleXF-409950
1921St-Gaudens $20 double EagleXF-4047500