Hi females I"m 19 mainly pregnant today due to the fact that 18 mainly my ship feels really hard some days it goes soft choose no infant is in there it felt hard today currently it"s gone all soft why is this continue is this normal xx

It"s common honey! periodically baby will be earlier to belly, sometimes back to back. So you re welcome don"t worry. I"m 31 weeks now and also still have actually some days whereby my bang is hard and also some days wherein you"d be forgiven for reasoning I"m just fat and also i have the right to prod and also poke and not feel her in there!

Oh ok thanks Hun when it goes tough I feel prefer stretching cramps this is my fourth pregnancy can"t mental the others


I"m 27 weeks and also don"t have tough tummy. Occasionally it"s a little bit firmer yet not hard and also sometimes soft.

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Sounds choose Braxton hicks - exercise contractions... Totally normal. Ideal of luck through the remainder of your pregnant x
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39 weeks and sometimes if i sleep ~ above my ago baby goes ago to earlier and my belly goes prefer jelly..... Very weird yet totally common x
I have the right to feel her as soon as she"s ago to belly, can feel the outline and where she bottom is. When she"s earlier to back I can"t really feel any type of outlines unless she"s kicking me then I have the right to feel limbs+
I might never knew that and also I had actually two ago to back babies. My child was breech and his forehead supplied to stick out under mine ribs.

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When did you begin to feeling bum and also limbs I"m only 4 weeks much less than you and also although ns see movement ect would certainly never know limbs at this phase lol
I"ve been able to feeling them for around 3 weeks i think. I dunno exaclty I"m always having a dig and a poke. Mine hubby"s beens may be to feel it too. Dunno if everyone can and also at what stage, think it depends on every persons muscle toughness or something. This is my second pregnancy and I don"t remember gift able to feel this lot with my first. Every one is different

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please review -hit mine head really tough earlier and also am now feeling funny

Yeah I"ve never recognized the position this is my 4th other than third who was breech lol. I don"t know how anyone deserve to tell what body part a lump is uneven it"s really large lol.
I didn"t say ns could. I said I could feel the difference between a limb and also her back/bottom. I couldn"t tell girlfriend if it to be an arm or a leg. Just due to the fact that you can"t doesn"t mean no one rather can. Maybe I dont have actually much water in there?!