1950b Ten Dollar federal Reserve Notes

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1950b Ten Dollar federal Reserve NotesPlease use the complying with table together a general indicator of note worth. Grading note is extremely subjective, and also your note can be worth an ext or less relying on our inspectiion. In the instance of high end notes, we defer to fine established 3rd Party Grading suppliers such together PCGS money or PMG note for your unbiased opinion.

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We salary You:§

severe Wear/Damage crease and/or Creases, Wrinled approximately 3 folds or Creases & Rounded Corners Like brand-new "Mint Condition" & spicy Corners
$Face value unless special Serial * $Face worth unless special Serial * $Face worth unless special Serial * $22.86
* one-of-a-kind Serial method a serial number with an interesting collection of digits, pattern, or catchy number, ie "888" or "1234". Testimonial the adhering to table for an ext information.Examples of unique Serial Numbers Serial form
Number through * Star Serial
A00000001A Number 1 Serial
A00000310A Low Serial (under 2000)
A99999976A High (over 99999900 )
A00001960A Birth Year Serial
A12345678A Perfect increase Ladder
A87654321A Perfect under Ladder
A00001234A Partial increase Ladder
A87650000A Partial down Ladder
A33333333A Solid Serial Number
A70004444A Partial solid Number
A23232323A Super Repeater
A00232323A Partial Repeater
A44442222A Double Quad
A00033000A Palindrome or "Radar"
A66668666A 7 the a kind (the 6"s)
A45555555A 7 in a row (the 5"s)
A34433443A Radar Repeater
A54444445A Super Radar
A10101110A Binary (only 1"s & 0"s)
A01010101A Binary supervisor Repeater

** every prices quoted space in United states Dollars. § keep in mind buy prices subject to change without notice. We will certainly advise girlfriend of our existing buy price at the outset of any kind of negotiation have to they be various than what is detailed on this page.

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