Newbie Needs aid to eliminate Carbs native 1982 650 nighthawk

Postby mela » Thu Oct 06, 2011 10:05 pm

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Newbie Needs aid to remove Carbs indigenous 1982 Honda Nighthawk 650ccJust to buy the bike. Acquired it running however gas is leaking indigenous the bottom that the carbs.Any idea that what is resulting in this leaking?Need to discover out the proper and quickest way to eliminate the carbohydrate from this 1982 650 NighthawkDoes anybody have actually a site for a complimentary download site for a service manual because that this bike?Also, the previous owner removed the different automatic petcock and also now i am having troubles reconnecting the hoses .This component has 4 ports because that hoses.I will require a diagram because that the connections from the hoses comes from the carburetors/fuel tank petcock/vacuum hoses.Noting the there is a plastic T installation going under to 2 areas in the carbs v one open up fitting at the T because that a hose also + it looks like one more hose is comes up native the carburetorIt looks like a full of 4 hoses including the vacuum hose is coming from the carburetor area.Need help!I would certainly appreciate any and also all help.The organization manual download would help greatly.Thanks,Your friend, Mel

Re: Newbie Needs aid to eliminate Carbs from 1982 650 nighthaw

Postby Volker_P » Fri Oct 07, 2011 1:42 to be

Welcome here, Mel!
carbohydrate leaking may be sticky floats or just dirty floater valves. However whatever you do with your carbs, an initial make sure you have a clean tank.In situation you disassemble the carbs, don"t mix increase (moving) parts in between different carbs!The hands-on linked listed below covers the bike with PD carbs, yet there is a hand-operated for the 1981 carbs at: carbs have actually screwed in idle jets and also some various other minor differences however you have the same type and components in principle. For this reason the combination of both need to be may be to administer what you need.You may find some beneficial pictures to the vacuum shutoff hoses in the New, cant find where pipe goes thread. However I strong recommend no to attach it before everything functions all best still there is no it to protect against another source of error for now.Good luck!
Cosky"s an excellent (free) digital manual: http://cosky0.tripod.comforum links to common technical issues
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Re: Newbie Needs assist to remove Carbs from 1982 650 nighthaw

Postby mela » Fri Oct 07, 2011 8:03 to be

Thanks for obtaining backOn my Nighthawk 1982 650 it has actually a mess of contents behind the carburetor . It appears that it would be daunting to relocate these components earlier enough to clean the carburetors out.I believed if we had actually a exactly 1982 Honda Nighthawk 650 hand-operated it would describe in detail how to remove the contents to gain to remove the carburetors.If you could send me your email, I could send friend a snapshot of this dilemna .The only method I can see where the carbs are leaking is to remove them turn off of the bike.?If possible, have the right to we situate a free download ~ above the correct manual.I would certainly really appreciate any help.Thanks,Your friend, Mel

Re: Newbie Needs aid to remove Carbs indigenous 1982 650 nighthaw

Postby Volker_P » Fri Oct 07, 2011 8:30 to be

In fact you have to obtain out the carbs prior to you can get out the waiting plenum box. The is valuable to traction it come the behind as far as possible and resolve it through belts. That may provide a bit much more space if you remove the air filter box, too. Friend might likewise be maybe to acquire out the 4 rubber boots, however i to be not certain if they are cemented for the 82, so be cautious here! then you have some an ext space because that pulling the carbs, but this task is known to it is in a pain, even if you have done the before.You may uncover the leak there is no removing the carbs, however you probably won"t be able to fix it. If fuel leaks the end of the nipple at the bottom that a floater key (usually 4 black color hoses the go down behind the engine are plugged top top there), you might be successful by knocking carefully on that floater bowl through a piece of wood. If the cycle stood because that a while yet tank is tho clean, it might just obtain tight and also stay tight. Only if you room really lucky, of course. Pictures may it is in uploaded right here by utilizing the "add the file" button. .jpg is an welcomed format and also at you uncover a nice, cost-free tool to cut/modify/resize your snapshot to accomplish the an are limitation that the forum if required. Expect you get ahead.
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Re: Newbie Needs aid to remove Carbs indigenous 1982 650 nighthaw

Postby RideOrDie » Tue Sep 08, 2015 5:52 am

I"m in a comparable situation, I need to clean mine carbs. I know this is an old post, yet did you come to be able come clean them? my 82 is stalling out, I"m guessing the carbs room dirty. What around timing the carbs? Was that an issue?

Re: Newbie Needs help to remove Carbs native 1982 650 nighthaw

Postby tario » Wed Sep 09, 2015 3:41 pm

In basic you should be able to get the cycle running far better if you simply take the carbs off, clean them, and put them ago on without an altering the on slide settings. It would be an excellent to sync them to compensate for any kind of changes in the bike due to the fact that it was last done. A most things can readjust the method the engine runs.It might be a weak spark and/or negative plugs resulting in it to operation poorly. Setting valve gaps help too.

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