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Just acquired an 89 ranger 4x4, and want to change all the fluids, just so I can start native square one top top this one. I"d choose to usage synthetics. With every one of my research, ns now believe that the Transmission and also T situation will both require a Mercon type fluid. I"m leaning toward royal Purple Synchromesh. I"ve heard things about the Mobil 1 the make me embarrassy away. Ns haven"t made decision on what to use in the differentials. I assume an 85 weight. I may spring because that Amsoil.If there is one point i notice, it"s that the oil/lube dispute is almost as split as, say, Democrat vs. Rebublican. Or perhaps Coke Vs Pepsi. So a few objective opinions is what I"d like. Oh, and an initial post, so Hello to everyone. Brian
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The only trouble I ever had v Mobil 1 transmission liquid was the cost! but I have still offered it regardless and also never had any kind of problems so far. If it"s going right into a junk auto that I arrangement on just beating to death then i"ll throw the cheapest stuff i can find in that such as that house brand junk friend can obtain at Autozone. I simply recently adjusted the transmission on mine Windstar and ended up choose up Valvoline transmission fluid for the just since I didn"t desire to placed a residence brand liquid in a infection which is recognized for difficulties yet didn"t feel like spending $85 to buy sufficient Mobil 1 to totally fill the thing. As much as motor oil I commonly care an ext about the type of filter i"m running prior to I put any thought into the oil. No issue what fluid you"re talking about there"s constantly someone out there saying that it"s the worst point in the world. Open minded in mine opinion the truck is 19 year old and if it to be mine ns wouldn"t put that much thought into running expensive fluids unless the thing was retained in a barn for fifty percent of it"s life and hasn"t even reached 100k yet.

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Do you have actually a M5OD tranny or among the Mitsu trannies? The Mitsu"s use gear oil, the M5OD supplies ATF. I think the Synchromesh liquid is because that trannies that generally require equipment oil, although not positive. If you have actually the M5OD and want synthetic, then you deserve to use a Mercon V full-syn fluid.

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A 1989 should have a Mitsubishi Transmission.

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Actually after reading that again ns realized something. Synchromax is the imperial purple manual transmission liquid not Synchromesh and also Max ATF is their auto transmission fluid. I"m guessing that you don"t have an automatic infection in the truck or rather you would have been trying to find the Max ATF stuff. If girlfriend do have an automatic infection though climate yes you carry out want a Mercon type fluid.

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