Failure of your heat and/or A/C in her Jeep grand Cherokee is usually as result of the fail of the connector in between the mix door and actuator motor.Heater Treater replace instead instead the cheap, plastic connector with steel. Replacing the connector through the same plastic component from the manufacturer WILL an outcome in continued problems — the same system design problem that resulted in the failure in the first place WILL take place again.Heater Treater strikes the root cause of the failure by creating hardware that is design to satisfy the rigors the normal operation of the HVAC system, and also last for the life of the Jeep. Keep in mind that some at an early stage vehicles supplied a mechanical cable regulate for the mix door. Check that you have actually an actuator motor on the bottom of the box at the intersection the the transmission tunnel and firewall come make sure that the regulate is electronic. The cable device will be on top of the box and will it is in a mechanical problem with the cable.

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If you feel uncomfortable installation the repair yourself, go below to uncover a certified garage close to you.

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Do you have actually the problem?

The usual symptom is an inability to effectively manage the temperature in her car.

The mix door hangs on a upright axis, so transforming a spicy corner, or fiddling with the fan speed can swing the door into the hot or cold place randomly. When the symptom are relatively conclusive for blend door failure, the only way to really examine it out is to eliminate the blend door actuator motor and look in ~ the axle.


Chrysler two various HVAC systems on the early Grand Cherokees. You need to examine the applications information below carefully come make sure you understand which one friend have.

There were two key systems provided for the GC:

The earlier system has actually the mix door actuator engine on the bottom of the heater box. The engine is situated under the passenger side dash, over the infection tunnel. Open up the passenger door and kneel to look under the dash. Friend will many likely have to pull back the carpeting on the left side to see the motor. It will be attached come the bottom the the box. A photo from a box that was gotten rid of from a GC is shown for reference.Some early GC"s have actually mechanical regulate over the blend door and there will certainly be a on slide cable on optimal of the box. Our kit only works because that the digital version with an actuator engine on the bottom the the box. It"s basic to check prior to ordering.

This kit is for the earlier (#1) over system.

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"98 to be a changeover year because that the GC and some may have the later on model plenum box, check our "98-"04 grand Cherokee listing because that the correct fix.