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I"m having actually clutch job-related done this week and also I was also going to readjust the gears to 26:44. Would the gear change make it this a 100 mph machine or not?
You might have the ability to hit 100 mph on perfect conditions(glare ice).I supplied to radar run an STX and many 583s were hitting roughly 88mph in a 1000 ft.I think mid to high 90s are a much more realistic taracquire depending on just how much your running.
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:withstupid: I would certainly agree that 100 mph is obtainable on that sled in very great problems, my buddy had a 95 formula z 583 and it would certainly hit 100 mph from time to time.
I have a 96 STX 583... I don"t think I"ve ever hit 160 kms/hour (100 miles/hour). Alassumed I have actually hit mulitple times 155 kms/hour (96 miles/hour). So I would think to hit 100 miles/hour wouldn"t take as well a lot

freezerburnt"s 583 was radared at prefer 99.7 from what he clintends...and hes a large its definicely feasible...i think his is pretty much stock too...
Had my 94 stx at just over 100mph (according to speedo) a pair of weeks earlier. I was extremely surprised and will likley not see that too regularly.
Feb 12 2004, 08:37 PM Had my 94 stx at simply over 100mph (according to speedo) a pair of weeks earlier. I was extremely surprised and will likley not see that also frequently.

Before I set up a M=10 sson the best peak mph I can get was 99.7. The clutching was stock at the moment. All that was done was the jets were knocked dvery own one size from stock. So yes 100 is definatly with in reach with a 583. BTW the sled is a 1998 MXZ 583.
Glad to hear it is possible currently I have something to shoot for. From what I understand also around Doo speedos I should check out 110 mph on the dial to actually be traveling 100 mph. The sled is going in tomorrow for the clutch difficulty. I am going to view what that does for performance and also then take the motor acomponent this summer and send it to Goodwin Performance to have actually the heads shaved and cylinders ported. When that comes back I am going to align the clutch and also chassis and put a 26 tooth peak equipment in it for more topend. I do not run studs nor do I intend to so also a lot power dvery own low would certainly be wasted on track spin anyway. Has anybody faced the Frank Nett Company type of out of Fond du Lac, WI? That is wbelow I am taking my sled and was curious if anyone had job-related done tbelow.

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One even more point, what have to I set the timing at to take benefit of 92 octane fuel? I think I am ending up being a "tweaker".