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Hello i am brand-new to website and new to owning a diesel. I have a opportunity to snag a 97 chevy 3500 dually with the 6.5 with only 41,000 mile on that . The thing looks and also smell brand brand-new all I will be utilizing this because that is to pull my 27 ft camper , that is a bumper traction . My question is is the truck precious the money and will this truck last me through doing regular maintenance . We hope to go camping more but by no way full time . I have seen an adverse and positive about this motor five yeah price is $7,700.00any reply would certainly be appreciated

Read the pre-purchase checklists in the FAQ Sticky posts - you want to make sure that it"s actually healthy under the hood. If the seller won"t allow you invest an hour or for this reason doing the checks, walk away - they"re hiding something.The 6.5 have the right to be a good engine so long as you know it"s limitations (it"s never ever going to store up through the brand-new diesels, it"s a whole different beast the a bygone era), and also are willing to spend some money up front to do it reputable - there room things you will certainly want/need/should carry out after buying that you will have to invest part money in to gain long term reliability.And $7700 sound high uneven it"s a actual creampuff. I very own a crew cab 3500 and would just expect it to fetch possibly $3-$5K top if I marketed it today, return it has some rust.And :welcome: to!
Mark - Courtice, Ontario, Canada.SOLD: "97 C3500 Crew Cab lengthy Box Dually 6.5 Turbo Diesel.Rebuilt v Navistar 506 block spring 2012Special thanks to Racer55 and also WhiteK2500 for your invaluable assistance!Helping a friend: Duckies Longarm Quilting Oshawa / Durham Region!​

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Adding mine :welcome2:Must reads for a new 6.5L owner or prospective owner: Really an excellent 2 page an overview of the engine and also what you need to do come make and keep the reliable. Get acquainted with what is in this thread. Will conserve you a many time as soon as you should search for answers.The an ext you know/learn about the 6.5L, the better off girlfriend are. That is very, an extremely rare that any type of diesel mechanic has actually experience working on this engines. And also a snowball"s chance in :burn: that any GM dealer will certainly either.Has the truck to be sitting for awhile? Regardless, if girlfriend buy it change the wait filter, oil/filter (use 5w-40 diesel oil in cold climate; makes it much simpler to start the truck), fuel filter, coolant and make sure to usage a fuel additive every time you include fuel (Howe"s, Diesel Kleen, etc).And if you space pulling heavy, install: Boost, Exhaust Temp, Tranny Temp (for automatic) and also Fuel pressure gauges. Make certain the cooling ridge (radiator, oil cooler, etc) is squeeky clean. In time leaves & other debris have tendency to collect in this area.