The Dodge ram 1500 was introduced in the 1994 design year. Frontal airbags because that both the driver and also passenger came to be standard beginning with the 1998 design year.

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Driver restraints and dummy kinematics Dummy motion wasn"t well controlled. The airbag deployed too late, and there was far too much upward steering wheel movement, which contributed to the dummy"s head bottoming out the airbag and hitting the steering wheel. Floor buckling tilted the driver chair forward and toward the door. Also, the seat came loosened on among its tracks and also moved rearward contempt on the left side. Throughout rebound, the dummy moved toward the driver door, and also its head hit the within of the door below the home window sill.


The dummy"s place in relationship to the steering wheel and instrument panel after the crash test suggests the driver"s survival an are wasn"t maintained well.


Poor control of dummy movement enabled the head come drop listed below the home window sill top top rebound and also hit the inside door panel, as shown by smeared greasepaint (inset).


Footwell and instrument panel intrusion, in combination with the driver chair pitching forward, added to high forces on the dummy"s left reduced leg.

Test IDCEF0109Footwell intrusionBrake pedal (cm)Instrument dashboard rearward movementSteering obelisk movementA-pillar rearward movement (cm)
Footrest (cm)27
Left (cm)27
Center (cm)21
Right (cm)21
Left (cm)10
Right (cm)8
Upward (cm)20
Rearward (cm)6

Test IDCEF0109HeadNeckChest preferably compression (mm)LegsFoot acceleration (g)
Peak gs at tough contact134
Tension (kN)5.1
Extension bending minute (Nm)49
Maximum Nij0.79
Femur pressure - left (kN)4.5
Femur force - ideal (kN)0.3
Knee displacement - left (mm)0
Knee displacement - right (mm)1
Maximum tibia table of contents - left1.64
Maximum tibia index - right0.74
Tibia axial pressure - left (kN)8.8
Tibia axial force - right (kN)5.6

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