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This refers to what is essentially the "shape" of the engine. Interference just refers come the piston itself in this case. Once they change the heads it walk to step 2.

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The Impreza acquired the step one together an interference engine in 97 and also 98.









Displacement: 2212 ccBore: 96.9 mmStroke: 75.0 mmCompression Ratio: 9.5:1 - 9.7:1

EJ221 normally Aspirated


Horsepower: 135 bhp (101 kW; 135 bhp)
3600 rpm

EJ22 Enhancements and also Improvements


start in the 1997 design Year, the 2.2 liter engine for 1997 Legacy and also Impreza models has had actually internal and also external transforms that productivity an around 10% rise in power and also 3% increase in fuel economy. Accomplishing this involves numerous factors, among which is engine friction reduction. The piston, a major source the engine friction, has actually been coated through molybdenum to alleviate friction. This slim coating not only permits smoother travel with the cylinder, but additionally reduces cylinder wall scuffing. The skirt of the piston has actually been reshaped and the as whole weight has been lessened by roughly 100 grams. Compression ratio has been enhanced to 9.7 to 1 through reshaping the crown that the piston. This eliminates the clearance the was obtainable between the piston in ~ TDC and the totally opened valve. Piston pen offset has been changed to 0.5 mm (0.0 in). Piston come cylinder wall surface clearance has actually been reduced by raising the piston diameter. Another resource of high engine friction is the valve train. Hydraulic lash adjusters (HLAs) are always in call with the valves. The hydraulic pressure of the lash adjuster should be overcome throughout operation and also during the most an important time of engine start. To get over this situation and to add to the full reduction that friction loss, 1997 and also later SOHC engines have solid valve adjusters. The scheduled service of this valve train is set at 100,000 miles (160,000 km). SOHC engines currently use an mediate screw to change valve clearance. The roller rocker video camer follower system that was presented on the 1.8L Impreza engines, is installed on all 1995 version year and later 2.2 liter engines. The roller assemblies space not serviceable separately, but the rocker arms may be serviced as individual units. The carbon ingredient head gaskets with incorporated o-rings space interchangeable from left to appropriate on 1990 to 1994 N/A engines only. Other Engine adjustments (2.2L 1997) The input manifold has actually been reshaped to increase the air flow mass and also speed, contributing to enhanced low and also mid engine rate operation. Components located top top the input manifold have actually been relocated as contrasted to the 1996 models. EGR Solenoid, Purge manage Solenoid, etc. 1999 2.2 Liter step 2 Engine improvements (from endwrench write-up H-4 and also H-6 service): every 2.2 liter engine because that 1999 room the step 2 design. The 2.2 liter step 2 engines space a SOHC design, v a recently designed cylinder head. Alters in the 2.2 liter step 2 engines room as follows:


The engine and also transmission space fastened with six bolts and two studs.The thrust bearing has been moved to the number 5 position.The oil groove in the number 1 and 3 have been readjusted to supply extr lubrication to the crank journal.

additional Phase 2 Engine Features


The cylinder head is a two-rocker shaft, solid type valve mechanism with roller followers.The valves are positioned in ~ a bigger angle than previous design years. The entry valves space positioned 23 degrees off-center through the exhaust valves positioned 20 levels off-center. Prior model year engines utilized a 15-degree placing angle.Head gasket thickness is 0.7 mm (0.03 in).The intake rocker arms are significant so they are correctly inserted on the rocker column when servicing. One IN1 or IN2 will certainly be embossed on every rocker arm. As perceived from the front of the engine the Number 1 entry valve of ach cylinder and also the number 2 intake valve have actually an IN1 significant and IN2 arked rocker eight that mates v it. Brand-new IN1 rocker arms can also be identified by a environment-friendly painted note on the optimal of the rocker arm. The IN2 rocker arms have a white mark. Ideal positioning is maintained through the usage of a wave washer located between the rocker pillar arm and also rocker arm shaft support.The camshaft is secured come the cylinder head v the camcase. An oil i in the cylinder head offers the passageway in the camcase through oil that leads come the input rocker shaft. Oil from the camshaft is collected on the opposite side of the passageway resulting in the entry rocker pillar to carry out oil to the exhaust rocker shaft.

Note: Cylinder head and also camcase must be replaced together (line bored).


The sparkplug pipe is pressed right into the cylinder head and is not serviceable.

If it becomes damaged the cylinder head must be replaced. The seals set up onto the end of the sparkplug tube seal against the valve covers and also should be replaced once the valve covering is removed.

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Pistons ~ above the 2.2 liter engines have a 0.5 mm (0.0 in) counter with the engine having actually a compression ratio of 10.0 come 1. The horsepower has increased come 142 hp (106 kW)
3600 rpm.Camshaft sprockets are built of a resin type material v a metal key pressed into the sprocket because that maintaining suitable sprocket to obelisk orientation.



2.2 litre


AUDM Subaru EJ22E



135 bhp (101 kW)
4800 rpm Usage:




phase one 2.2 Liter SOHC Turbo, 163 bhp (122 kW; 165 PS) totally closed deck, oil squirters, no intercooler




Phase two 2.2 litre close up door deck


Displacement: 2212 ccBore: 96.9 mmStroke: 75.0 mmCompression Ratio: 8.0:1Fuel Delivery multi suggest fuel injection