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I have a 99 Ram and also within the critical week all four of the turn signals quit working. Ns have had actually no work done come the truck in the last three months so ns assume something fail (fuse or relay).I still have actually working hazards and parking lights. I have checked the internal fuse pannel and also find no fuse for just the revolve signals all of the fuses there inspect OK.I then saw the "power disturbution center" under the hood and also see nothing that straight relates come the revolve signals.I would intend to check out a relay for the lights/turn signals. What an i missing?Mort
updateTo update,I have replaced the turn signal move (combo switch) and continue to have an issue.One point I have noticed is that periodically I gain a single blink of the turn signal prior to it goes dark.Can anyone offer me relay details that is an ext in depth climate the owner manual?Mort
Maybe I"m miss-understanding her post.There is no fuse labeled flasher. The risk fuse (closest I can find) is good as is all various other fuses in the cab or under the hood.I was hoping that someone would recognize if over there is a relay because that the revolve signals.
i is my knowledge that the flasher is under dash and also if the is a combo that doesnt mean due to the fact that the hazzards work that the rotate protion the the flasher is not bad..... Its only a couple buck resolve to 100% rule it out..... As far as i understand there is no relay..... I have a publication for mine dodge and also i watch no relay for them simply flasher


To update,I have actually replaced the turn signal switch (combo switch) and continue to have actually an issue.One point I have actually noticed is that periodically I acquire a single blink of the turn signal before it go dark.Can anyone provide me relay information that is more in depth then the owners manual?Mort
My 1998 Ram simply started law the very same thing you have discribed, turn signal flicker one time and then stops. Go you ever determine what the problem was with your truck?

Yeah, ns was mindful that this to be an old posting or conversation. The article popped up once I to be researching the trouble that mine 1998 Dodge ram is experiencing. Ns seem to be having the same concerns that you were experiencing, just wanted to know the resolution to her problem. According to what I have researched it can be a couple different items on the truck. I would appreciate your feedback.Thank!
My 1998 Ram just started law the very same thing you have actually discribed, rotate signal flicker one time and also then stops. Did you ever before determine what the concern was v your truck?
Macomson71 - I"m having actually the same difficulty with my "98 Ram. Just how did you fix it?hazards - work-related finebrake lights - work-related finerunning lamp - work-related finehead lights & tail lamp - occupational fineturn signals - all four do not work. The fuse is goodThanks!Solved: Pulled the end the square blue 2537A flasher unit native the fuse panel that is in between the door and also the dashboard top top the motorists side. Go out dusk out of the socket. Re-installed the blue flasher unit. All rotate signals work now.
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This thread might be an oldie, yet it"s a goody. You simply solved my turn signal problem. The blue flasher in the close to driver door fuse box is mislabeled. The clicks v both the hazards and the signals. I was able to muck v it and also show the it affected the turn signals. An easy fix but hard to diagnose. Send me your bill.
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This thread may be one oldie, yet it"s a goody. You just solved my rotate signal problem. The blue flasher in the close to driver door fuse crate is mislabeled. It clicks through both the hazards and also the signals. I was able to muck v it and also show that it influenced the turn signals. Straightforward fix however hard to diagnose. Send me her bill.
My turn signal avoid working this morning top top my method to work. Some man flipped me off while do a appropriate turn in ~ a intersection. So i pulled the blue flasher go out off the dust and plugged it earlier in BINGO! it works. EZ fix.
11 years after the OP... I had actually the very same issue.. Take it the advice, go out on it favor the old Nintendo cartridges and also wiggled the flasher module roughly until I found the "sweet spot" aaaand currently my turn signals occupational again! Strange yet easy fix. Many thanks guys.

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