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She tried and succeeded in make me wait come take her out.. The 24MM bolt that holds the fuel line right into her brought about me some grief as soon as I discovered out i didn"t have actually that dimension wrench.. I beg your pardon postponed she fate 1 more day..

Innocent feather enough.. Tucked right into the ago of the fuel rail and also slightly under/in the intake.. As any predator does.. Ns stalked my prey..

Nut off.. This is *IMPORTANT* put a little piece of ice cream on the heat a couple of inches ago from the FPR. IF you DON"T.. The nut will certainly slide BEHIND THE ENGINE.. ON peak OF THE BLOODY TRANSMISSION.. And you will have a BITCH that a time obtaining it ago up to attach it. Asking me how I know? go 1 jack, 1 jackstand and also 10 minutes of being full on pissed off give you a hint? and also I will certainly say this.. That is harder 보다 FOOK to gain to because there is NO room for hands or arms in those locations :rant:
Ahem.. Earlier to the story. She bled just slightly as I take it the heat out.. Only drops.. Small did I understand she to be stabbing me in the back.. The seed went behind the engine v me unknowing. She would certainly be certain to inact revenge even after she to be gone.. An act of a scorn lover it seems. Had she want to stay.. Why go she not work? the is the question.. I guess she was no happy gift on the fuel rail but didn"t desire to not be on that either..
I tried various sockets and none to be able to either fit approximately the bolt stop the FPR top top the rail, or if lock did.. Didn"t move a thing. As any type of of you might do.. You stick your finger over the bolt to shot to leaving an impression on her finger friend can inspect real quick with the socket.. (at the very least I perform this if i can"t watch the bolt) ns wasn"t may be to obtain anything however a depression.. Hmm... Knew it would certainly not it is in a screwdriver.. However wait? A talk head bolt possibly? I have actually 2 extra fuel rails within the garage so ns went and checked. I pulled part bits out and found the best one. The bolt is a T30 talk head bolt.. The bolt it"s self is round, which would certainly be why i wasn"t able to get any type of mustard while turning sockets on it.
I took she off.. Five she bled.. However the rail bled more. She appeared to pains all approximately her. Ns let the rail bleed.. The stopped and also I take it the bitter part to compare.. Neh.. To watch who would change her..

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Put the talk head screw back in and also cranked her down. Reinstalled the line and this is when the bitter FPR struck it"s last bit of revenge ~ above me..I had actually to jack the up, placed a was standing under it and spend around 10 minutes fighting to acquire the nut up sufficient to whereby I then got on optimal of the engine (laying on peak of the engine) all the while utilizing one hand to gain the nut relocated up and earlier onto the brand-new FPR.. FECK! :rant:
Back on. Took me around an hour to do because of taking pics, recognize the right size of tools to use, and the damn fuel rail nut.
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fuel injector push regulators room on average around 40 bucks or so, but could be much less or an ext depending ~ above applicationif the reg is ruptured climate there will certainly be raw fuel in the vacuum hose once you yank it off the reg..i simply replaced one top top a 2000 silverado 1500 pickup the other day v the 5.3 engineit was very badly ruptured and also was hard to start and ran badly and could odor the extra fuel it to be sucking into the intakr with the vacuum water tap to itreplaced it and all those problems and also things walk awayi erased the code v the scanner and its been fine ever sincewe come throughout ruptured vacuum fuel regs nice often,,ford and gm both,, 3800 engines every years, 3.1 and also 2.8 engines beforehand 90s and also older,, ford tauruses etc., trucks, and on, and onif you completely disconnect it climate it alllows full fuel injector press at idle, start, crank, etc,
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