My automobile is a 2000 Chevy Silverado 1500, prolonged cab shortbed v a 4.8 litre engine.

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Just review my post and realized how long it is. I know plenty of don"t have time to check out all mine headaches, yet I"ll leave it here just because that information. My problem is that I have replaced every piece of my brake system but no matter what is tried we can acquire no pedal pressure - the brakes work-related fine, just not something I desire my boy to find out to drive with.

1) brand-new master cylinder (Not refurb)2) brand-new stainless steel lines, indigenous the grasp to ABS come all 4 corners3) brand-new ABS manage module and new ABS pump (Not refurb)4) new pads, brand-new Rotors and new Calipers in ~ all 4 corners

There room no leaks to it is in found any kind of longer, I have been end the system and the present mechanic. His only suggestion at this allude is that I have actually a poor master cylinder. This is the 3rd master to be placed on the truck throughout this trying time, so i am having a tough time swallowing this diagnosis, yet if the is it, then so be it. Does anyone have any kind of ideas as to what might be the issue? Any and also all assist would be many appreciated.

Thanks in development for any and all help,MJ

A couple years back, 2013, I had actually to do a sudden stop when a state trooper go a u-turn ideal in prior of me. As soon as I fight the brakes, the pedal saw the floor. Together it rotate out, I had actually blown out among the steel hard lines. Ns took it to a mechanic and asked them to replace the blown line and to replace any others that appeared to be ready to go, too. In the end, the mechanic only changed the blown line but due to the fact that I required the car I had actually to take it it. Whatever was fine because that a couple of months, then an additional line went. I took that to an additional garage and asked castle to replace ALL the difficult lines. After having my truck for about a week, that turned out they likewise did not change all the lines as requested, yet only changed the one front heat that go out out. Again, i took the vehicle and also went ~ above my way kinda perturbed. Due to the fact that that time I have actually hired three an ext to readjust out all the hard lines, also going as far as to buy a entirety kit that stainless steel lines, pre-bent. The very first mechanic totally hosed the whole thing, had my truck because that months (seriously!) and all he did to be run new lines come the front of the truck. Problem was, instead of making use of the ideal lines (everything in the kit was pre=bent and marked), he reduced up the lengthy lines the should have actually run come the back of the van to execute the fronts. After this fiasco, ns found another shop going for this reason far as to speak come the owner, explain all the concerns I have had in do the efforts to get this task done and he assured me the he could do the job, he was a GM mechanic for 25 years before beginning his own shop. I bought another set of stainless stole lines and dropped every little thing off to him. The told me that the project would price $500 and be completed in two days.

Two weeks later, the lines were on the truck yet he can not get any pedal pressure. He likewise indicated that he can not it seems ~ to acquire much liquid flowing come the ago lines also though he had spent job trying to bleed the system. He figured out that the master cylinder was negative - it to be brand new. Ns contacted the manufacturer and they shipped me a new, not refurbished, understand cylinder for my truck. It was put on yet it did not solve the problem. Then ns was told the it need to be the ABS system. Ns purchased a new, not reman, ABS pump and he set up it. Surprise, same issue. Ns had gained so irritated at this allude that i paid him the $1300 for the occupational he did and took mine truck. I uncovered after getting home the there was a leak in ~ the front line coming out of the grasp cylinder. Ns took it back to this males shop and also he preserved the van for one more two days. In the end he said that the lines must be bad, he can"t make the leak stop.

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The truck satellite for just around a year, but since my child is prepared to begin driving I required to gain the van right due to the fact that he cant drive my car, hands-on transmission and too powerful. I hired yet an additional mechanic, one from my location of employment. He resolved the leak in ~ the master yet found the he too was unable to get any kind of pedal. In addition to fixing the leak, he placed on brand-new pads and rotors top top all 4 corners. He checked the vacuum booster yet it was no the issue. He suggested the master but I called him the the one currently on the truck would certainly be the third new, not rebuilt, in the previous year and a half. As it rotate out, the just other thing that had actually not been replaced was the ABS controller. I hated to also entertain making that purchase, but in the finish I did and also the mechanic set up it, come no avail. He agrees the this have to not be so difficult to solve, has actually looked at the whole system for leaks, none. The just other thing he can suggest is the I have a defective master. I desire so poor to just buy it and also have all this behind me, but dang, how many times perform I should buy one and why after replacing whatever in the braking mechanism (except the brake booster) is this still no working.

I"ve been sitting right here for a few days now, scouring the internet in search of answers. Found similar issues, yet in the finish these folks discover their gremlin and also all is ideal in your world. Go anyone have any type of other think on what can be wrong? Any help would be much more appreciated 보다 you could ever know.