ns am can not to locat the fuelp pump relay top top this 01 avalon. Car wont begin after heavy body work around the prior left door pillar - fuel pump not getting power.

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Hello.The circuit opened relay controls fuel pump circuit. As soon as EFI key relay is energized, EFI key relay offers battery voltage to one side of circuit opened relay. Check this relay because that fuel pump diagnosis. That is located at top edge of relay box, behind driver"s side kick panel. Many thanks for utilizing tasiilaq.net. Com!

Thanks an extremely much, Bluelightnin6, for your prompt help.I discovered the relay right hanging there - had come partly unplugged due to heavy banging top top the door pillar.Once ns pressed that in, the car started.Great forum!

whereby is the fuel pump relay on one 05 Avalon Limited? If it"s in the engine only fuse/relay box, specifically WHICH relay is it? What color is the strength wire(s) that room only hot when the engine is turning? Thanks!

I quit for gas rotate my automobile off then checked out leave and my vehicle would not revolve over. Ns sprayed starter fluid in the waiting box and also it turned best over. So wondering if it's the pump or is that the relay? ns cannot discover where the relay is located. Have to the new relay be an accurate match because that the replacement? i bought one at AutoZone and I cannot find any kind of relay that matches the dimension of the brand-new one.

an excellent afternoon, i doubt that is the relay in ~ all. The is in the under dash fuse block. Ns attached a picture for you to view. Yes, you require the specific relay no generic. Ns would acquire one from Toyota. Examine out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us understand if you need anything rather to get the problem fixed.
Okay, that's whereby I had actually thought it was and also yea the instead of does not enhance up to the relay. It's a q/3 smaller sized in size. Therefore in your opinion does that sound favor the fuel pump is bad? i really can not hear it interact when i set vital to aux mode.
You need to examine the pump for pressure. Deserve to you hear the run v the vital turned on? not the accessory position, the top top position.As much as the relay, you require the exactly relay.Roy
No ns cannot, yet when ns spray starter fluid in the air filter the car turns over but then shuts turn off a few seconds later.
You have the right to rent a tester in ~ a parts store to inspect the pressure.https://www.tasiilaq.net/articles/how-to-check-fuel-system-pressure-and-regulatorCan you hear the pump run as soon as the key is turn on?Roy

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Okay, the fuel pump is in the fuel tank however you can gain to it from the top.I fastened a diagram. You need to inspect for voltage top top the blue wire to the pump once you revolve the vital onRoyRemovalCaution: perform not exhilaration or work near an open flame as soon as working ~ above the fuel pump. 1. Eliminate rear chair cushion 2. Remove floor service hole covering a. Take the end the floor carpet. B. Remove the 5 screws and also service hole cover. Hint: at the time of installation, please describe the complying with items. Examine for fuel leakage. 3. Disconnect fuel pump & sender gauge connector note: execute not lift the fuel pump up through the wire harness picking. 4. Eliminate no.1 fuel tank protector eliminate the 2 bolts and no.1 fuel tank protector. Torque: 4 nm (40 kg. Cm, 35 in. Lb)Imageopen in new tabzoom/print 5. Disconnect fuel pipe (fuel tube connector) caution: - perform disconnecting and also connecting to work of the fuel pipe connector (quick type) after ~ observing the precautions. - together there is retained pressure in the fuel pipe line, stop it native splashing within the automobile compartment.Imageopen in brand-new tabzoom/print 6. Remove fuel pump assembly from fuel tank a. Remove the 6 bolts and fuel tank vent tube collection plate.