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Has anyone ever before have to replace this? I simply replaced the blower resistor assembly currently it shed out ns was told that i would need a brand-new blower because of its high amps if i change the resistor again it will certainly burn out again. Has actually anyone ever before have this difficulty ? just how much room we talking about to fix? thanks for any type of info girlfriend can provide me...

DIB:Not sure about the 01 favor I have, but a other D owner go the blower ~ above his 00 model, and the dash pretty much had to come out. Unless you can DIY, the labor will be the biggest art the the bill.Don
If the blower motor functions then there"s nothing wrong v it. The resistor pack boundaries the current to the blower motor. I think i would shot another resistor pack, in case I obtained a poor one seeing exactly how they room pretty cheap prior to I readjusted the blower motor. There"s a means to test the blower motor...where you usually bypass the resistor pack.

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Herc:Your declare is not 100% correct. Similar to a starter have the right to still work and be bad, so deserve to a blower motor. Usually, the pen wear come the allude that the unit color etc too much current, and either burns the end the resistor pack, wiring, or blows fuses. Once the resistor load is replaced and then burns out again, that is time to perform a existing draw test on the motor.Don
i"ll agree the blower motor is on it"s method out..............if you deserve to live with high only, it"ll go for awhile.....until it either quits all together or start popping fuses...........either method to resolve it the heater bow needs to come out.............while you"re in there, might also replace the heater core, the evaporator core and the blower motor
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The 01 motor is a bit less complicated to change than the 00Motor is toast. That is a really common trouble the motor starts wearing and kills the resistor packs
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Herc:Your explain is no 100% correct. Just like a starter deserve to still work and be bad, so deserve to a blower motor. Usually, the brushes wear to the point that the unit draws too lot current, and either burns out the resistor pack, wiring, or blows fuses. As soon as the resistor fill is replaced and then burns the end again, the is time to carry out a existing draw test on the motor.Don
I will certainly disagree somewhat from my experience and what i know about electric motors. As soon as the pen wear come a point, the motor will not operate. Only other point I recognize that can occur is the wiring ~ above the armature can come to be loose, the insulation fails, i beg your pardon will likewise cause motor failure, however usually a authorize is the motor operates slowly. If you"re blowing fuses, over there is a short and also the motor would certainly not it is in operating, or there is high resistance in the motor, an additional sign the insulation failure which could likewise cause resistor fill failures I would think.The brushes room the contact points to the battery...positive and negative. If they space worn to where one does not make contact, the motor will certainly not operate. Typically this is what wake up in starters, that and bearing failure.With the D, I would certainly still bypass the resistor pack and also see if the motor functions well. Ns would inspect that its to run at a good speed there is no unususal noises. If it appears to be to run fine, climate its the resistor pack. I would agree the if the resistor packs room blowing..then the motor"s resistance is also high, the windings room bad and it will need to be replaced. Yet again, if the blower operates at a high speed, the motor is fine. Something rather is wrong.