The camshaft sensor went out in November. I had it replaced. The went out again this morning, after ns made a spicy turn. The tech said that the looked together if something had hit it. I desire to perform the job myself this time.

Hello,Below room some diagrams with the accuse attached. Ns hope this helps through your repair. store us to update on her repair outcome and do not hesitate to contact us again for further information or assistance.Thanks for making use of H




mine gas pedal walk dead if driving under the highway. The engine stayed running because that a few minutes at an idle then completely stalled. The examine engine light and also the lightning bolt came on when the gas pedal . I placed the code reader on and also it provided me P0340 camshaft place sensor A circuit (bank 1 or single sensor) code. I readjusted the camshaft place sensor on the passenger next which i think is bank 2. Is over there 2 camshaft sensors? One because that each side. My van is on the highway so any assist would be appreciated. Many thanks
great evening, This password is normally a wiring worry with a 5 volt recommendation voltage not present at the sensor.Do you have actually a meter to check the voltage?Roy
Yes, I have actually one at house here. My truck is half hour from house so me and also my dad are going earlier out in the daylight tomorrow morning. Do I inspect the voltage to the sensor through the key on? thanks for your help. Very much appreciated.
also is there 2 various sensors ~ above the engine? bank 1 and bank 2 or is it simply a single camshaft sensor on this engine? many thanks
Okay, thanks. Ns will inspect the voltage through a meter and also see what the says. I dubbed our service center for Dodge and the mechanic said there was one for financial institution 1 and also one because that the 2nd bank. I readjusted the financial institution 2 sensor. I look because that the bank 1 sensor also. Many thanks again we appreciate it a lot.
Me and also my dad do the efforts what we could. Over there is only 1 sensor. Not sure why the dodge dealer in town would certainly tell me there is 2. Yet regardless I require my van going and am no very good with electric systems so i just obtained it towed to the shop. I will article what they discover on here. Many thanks
Okay, ns told you there was only one sensor. They need to examine the voltage to the sensor and the ECM to be sure it is not a wiring issue.Roy
broke off within block and also I cannot discover where the went. Looks prefer it fell in a void. Would it be alright to put a new one in and leave the missing component where ever it might be? Any aid would be yes, really great.
Hi and also thanks for making use of Com. No, it is no a great idea. If the broken part is lost in the engine, that will brought about other damage. Please let me recognize what engine is in this truck so ns can carry out directions and pictures because that taking things apart to discover the broken part.
Truck has actually code P0340 camshaft place sensor A circuit bank 1 or solitary sensor.I cannot uncover the place of camshaft position sensor ~ above truck. Any type of ideas?
hello 238MJ, right here is the place for the camshaft and crankshaft sensors please let me recognize if you need anything else and also I will certainly be happy come assist. Inspect out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us know if you require anything else to gain the problem fixed. Many thanks
It was the very first attachment that I noted in the last post. I included it again here. Sorry because that the confusion. It is number 1 in the picture and it states that that is located on the timing equipment cover i m sorry is beside the ECM. Allow me understand if friend still can't discover it and I will check out if i can discover a far better picture. Thanks
perform I see spark plug wires? This is a gas engine 5.9L not diesel. No wonder friend can't discover it with what i provided. Your description just said 2003 lamb Truck 5.9L. I didn't choose up on the V8. Just assumed it to be a diesel. Sorry for the confusion. It should be on the driver side of the intake, in the direction of the rear of the engine under the fuel rail simply next to the distributor. Take a look at these drawings. Allow me recognize if this helps.
mine apologies. Ns looked increase the location for the connector. Right here are the accuse to remove the actual sensor. It is part of the distributor. The aftermarket may call it a Pickup Coil. Please check out the enclosed documents.
Learn exactly how to replace your car"s engine camshaft sensor. We space a team the ASE certified mechanics the have developed this service guide to assist you save money.

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