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My check engine light is on and the diagnostic code present the Overdrive Solenoid.I was wondering wherein it is located?Can any type of wiring or fuses impact this?I set up a new CD AM& FM radio, and had to cut a pair of plugs turn off the old radio, problem presented after that.

I believe that\"s a tranny ingredient mciever, and I doubt the environment of your radio had actually much to carry out with it. This is something that you\"ll most likely need professional assist with, however you could shot your regional library to view if they have the Chilton\"s for her Ram. That will certainly lead you right to it and also suggest possible issues indicated by the diagnostic code. An excellent luck!

Overdrive solenoid is usually located on the valve body inside the tranny. Be sure to check and clean the wiring resulting in the solenoid first.

the governer solenoid is in the valve body, just drop the pan and remove the filter and also it is appropriate there, at the very least on the torqueflites the rams came matched with. A new solenoid need to run around 55-60 bucks

the branch solenoid is in the valve body along with the transducer this are mounted in a different block the is bolted to the valve body. They regulate the up and down shift,not the overdrive. The infectious diseases world fashion you have is a 46re if you have a switch to turn off overdrive. If overdrive is in her selector then you have a 46rh the e represents electric. The h means hydraulic still both trans space modified 727 or 518 back to her problem. If you have the 46re the solenoids (there room two ) bound together and also screwed into the valve body alongside the block the is bolted come the valve body the holds the governor and transducer that is hardwired come the plug that goes through the human body of her trans.

Overdrive sensor is right beside the govenor sensor on the valve human body in tranny.But it might not be the at every it may be her ecm , i had actually same trouble with my 01 ram 1500 5.9l gas, it threw the code and also i placed 2 infectious diseases world fashion that ns knew were great in it and also it did the same thing so i changed the ecm and its been fine since

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