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I am at the allude where I should do the first oil change on my brand-new 2012 Sierra v the 5.3L. Just how much oil does the 5.3L require? also does anyone have actually any personal preference on oil brands and filters?


check this link out, friend can gain the k&n oil filter for $7.99 (which consists of shipping). This is for a 1500 5.3l V8 normally these filters space $15-20 at the local auto components store. ... 1657wt_992This is the attach to K&N"s website where you can verify i m sorry filter will fit your truck
Everyone"s gained an opinion on this but from reading various other threads right here on the same topic cell phone 1 and also Amsoil seem to be the favourite oils when Wix, ACDelco and also Amsoil round out the optimal filters. Stick with those and also you cant walk wrong...unless you dont put in sufficient oil or forget to placed the oil plug earlier in or something, haha.
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I picked up Quaker State ultimate Durability Full artificial (40% off regular price) and used a Wix filter.
after I damaged the engine in 600 miles I placed Royal violet full artificial in and use a k & n Gold filter ;up I operation the oil 5K miles climate will change the filter and include a quart. Am end 16K miles in my 2011 Silverado 1/2 Ton 4x4 and also just dumped the totality sump this evening for a new fill.At $9.29 a quart and $20 a filter it"s an investment, however I wouldn"t trust my baby to anything else yet the purple.

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I just changed mine out now at 5600 miles (2012 Silverado 1500 5.3L). I use 5w-30 cell phone 1 Full artificial (5 quarts) because that $26 at Walmart, $8-9 bucks because that the 1 quart. Depending upon what I watch on the self, I may go with the 5w-30 cell phone 1 prolonged Performance (Brown/Gold Label). I usage a mobile 1 Oil Filter. As soon as I change the oil and oil filter, I adjust the engine wait filter. I use a drop-in instead of 33-2129 k & n Air Filter. I have two of them. So when I take it one the end to clean, I have actually one all set to go. Castle take part time to dry then you have to spray"m down and let them soak for choose 20 min.Tools you will need: speak Wrench, 15mm Socket, go through the Oil Filter cap made come be supplied with a talk wrench (it"s far better than making use of the oil filter claw wrench or the strap equivalent). Because that the air Filter, I use the Torx 20 (star-shaped screw driver or if you have the balls to tear her hands personal - the allen-style types).
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