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Hi everyone. I got a major headache on mine hands. 2001 Nissan maxima SE through approx 180,000 miles. It was noting p0430 catalytic converter bank 2 listed below threshold. I replaced it with a offered WORKING converter native an infiniti i35. Whatever is similar same motor and all. The Infiniti just passed smog and also was totaled so they offered me the finish exhaust system which i switched out with the maxima. I erased the codes and also it was saying two sensors (o2 and catalytic were not ready) then lastly my check engine light came earlier on. I changed the o2 sensor on bank two i beg your pardon I believe is right below the one on peak by the radiator. Any ideas??? I have to pass smog within 2 weeks! Thanks!
Check spark and fuel because that the cylinders the feed bank 2, additionally make sure that friend actually changed the financial institution 2 downstream sensor (not the financial institution 1 or upstream sensor). Lastly, shot replacing the upstream financial institution 2 sensor. Don"t overlook any feasible vacuum leaks.
Surprisingly, a gradually dying MAF sensor can cause P0420/0430 and second O2 codes. I newly replaced my original MAF in my "02 through the update AM600 MAF and my constant P0430 and second O2 password at first stopped coming ago as quickly, currently haven"t had any in more than a week and 500+ miles of driving.
Does this MAF occupational in the "01 together well? Is it obtainable through the digital aftermarket suppliers? If so, how deserve to it be distinguished from the "original"?
The "00-01s usage the same MAF because that those 2 years only. Not very expensive, have to be $100 or a small less even through the dealer. The "02-03 MAFs are well-known for failure, particularly the ones on Maximas through a build date prior to 10/01, the AM600 MAF supposedly is a lot more reliable. The main reason I acquired it is the I have a 6 speed "02 and also it has a hesitation once you accelerate and also I required the updated MAF for the ECU reflash to cure the hesitation. The absence of codes is a happy next effect.

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