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Could someone aid me v the O2 sensor locations on a "98 S10 4cyl? i think one is just after the muffler, yet have no been able to find the other.I have my "Service Engine Soon" light on and think it may be one or much more of the sensors. I beg your pardon one is most most likely to failure first? i have about 83,000 mile on the truck.Any principles or suggestions would be appreciated!Thanks!
th efirst is top top the bottom that the manifold the second is ~ the cat.i would certainly think the very first one would certainly be the very first to walk out because of the warmth bt i can be dorn .you need to have is scanned to find out without just buying them and finding out its the dorn one ya know.
its most likely the first one. If u get it scanned it"ll phone call u. First o2 or ho2, if that is ho2 it is the cook one it is after the cat.
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i have actually an o2 sensor bad also. I dubbed the parts store to get it and also they said i have three.... I had actually my truck in for exhaust occupational the next day and i request the mechanic to take a look and also he only found one. The a 2000 2.2l auto. Am ns only supposed to have 1?
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all 96 and also up four cylinder trucks have actually two o2 sensors, one top top the bottem that the manifold, and also the other directly behind the catalytic convertor. Currently a 6 cylinder s10 would have actually three o2 sensors, two in the exhaust manifolds and one behind the catalytic converter. If girlfriend only have actually one, possibilities are the someone has actually done part modifacations to your truck in the past.
2000 2.2 s10, White expanded cab with small flamesCurrent Mods
Volant intake, Denso iridium plugs, Pacesetter header, High circulation cat, Borla muffler with rotate down , 2.5" exhaust, 56mm accelerator body, Jet chip stage II, 180* thermostat, Taures e-fan, Centerforce stage II clutch, 4,4 drop, zq8 sways through polyurothane bushings, Gm rollpan, ICW clean corners.Future ModsHurst shifter, MSD Dis-2, turbo, rims, Xenon aggresive floor effects.

all 96 and up 4 cylinder trucks have two o2 sensors, one ~ above the bottem the the manifold, and also the other straight behind the catalytic convertor. Now a 6 cylinder s10 would have actually three o2 sensors, 2 in the exhaust manifolds and one behind the catalytic converter. If you only have one, possibilities are that someone has done part modifacations to her truck in the past.

is there a cheat to obtain the right angle come lossen the o2 sensor financial institution one top top a 2.2l. The space is tight and also so is the o2. I have been frustrated and do not want to take other things apart simply to gain to it however if i perform i guess: v im out of is intend to be basic plug and play. Let me understand buds because its death me on gas.need assist asap.thanks
There is a special counter socket that fits the sensor and also it renders it really easy to remove. You can get it at any parts store. I have used the on my "98 Sonoma 2.2 through no problem. I did warm up the manifold top top the front through a propane torch an initial to do it easier, however it go come out an extremely easily. The rear is even simpler to acquire at as it is appropriate out in the open and again the special socket provides it quite easy and again if friend have issues a small heat works wonders.Bob
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