Fuse box diagram (fuse layout), location, and assignment the fuses and also relays Lincoln Navigator Mk1 (UN192) (1999, 2000, 2001, 2002).

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Checking and Replacing Fuses

Fuses and circuit breakers safeguard your vehicle’s electrical system from overloading. If electrical components in the automobile are not working, a fuse may have blown. Inspect the suitable fuses prior to replacing any electrical components.

Look very closely at the fuse – a broken wire in ~ the fuse identifies blown fuses. If you are not certain or if the is also dark come see, shot replacing the doubt fuse with one of the exact same value the you understand is good.

In situation if you do not have a spare fuse, in one emergency you deserve to pull the end fuses, which might be dispensable for typical driving (for example, audio system, tobacco lighter, OBD, seat heater, and also the like), and also use that if that is amperage rating is the same.


Always switch off the ignition system and also the impacted electrical circuit prior to replacing a fuse.Always disconnect the battery prior to servicing high current fuses.Never use a fuse the a higher amperage rating 보다 that indicated, or use any kind of other thing in location of a fuse, also as a short-lived fix. This can reason extensive damage or even fire.If the changed fuses blows again – call a qualified and also equipped organization center.
Passenger Compartment Fuse crate Diagram

The fuse panel is located below and to the left the the steering wheel through the brake pedal. Eliminate the panel cover to accessibility the fuses. To remove a fuse use the fuse puller tool listed on the fuse dashboard cover.



№ACircuit Protected
25Clock, Overhead trip Computer, electronic Automatic Temperature regulate (EATC), Powertrain manage Module (PCM), Cluster, navigating (2000-2002)
320Cigar Lighter, OBD-II Scan tool Connector
4151999: Autolamp Module, far Entry Module, Mirrors, storage Module, flexible Pedals, waiting Suspension Switch
7.52000-2002: Remote entry Module, Mirrors, memory Module, flexible Pedals, vehicle drivers Seat, power Fold Mirrors
515AC Clutch Relay (1999), Speed control Module, turning back Lamp, EVO Module (1999), Climate setting Switch (1999), Daytime to run Lamp Relay, reverse Sensing device (2000-2002), Autolock (2000-2002), E/C mirror (2000-2002), navigating (2000-2002)
65Cluster, Overhead trip Computer, Compass, Steering Sensor, Brake transition Interlock Solenoid, air Suspension Module, GEM Module, Heated winter (2000-2002), rear Defroster (2000-2002), reverse Sensing mechanism (2000-2002), automatic Park Brake relax (2000-2002)
75Aux A/C Blower Relay, Console Blower
85Radio (1999), far Entry Module, cabinet Phone, Clock, GEM Module
9Not Used
10Not Used
1130Front Washer Pump Relay, Wiper Run/Park Relay, Wiper Hi/LO Relay, Windshield Wiper Motor, behind Washer Pump Relay
12152000-2002: Air Suspension Switch
1320Stop Lamp switch (Lamps), Turn/Hazard Flasher, Speed regulate Module
1415Rear Wipers, Running board Lamps, Battery Saver Relay, inner Lamp Relay, Accessory hold-up Relay (Power Windows, upper and lower reversal Windows, Audio, Moonroof (2000-2002), Homelink (2000-2002))
155Stop desk lamp Switch, (Speed Control, Brake transition Interlock, ABS, PCM Module Inputs), GEM Module, Autolock (2000-2002), waiting Suspension Module (2000-2002)
1620Headlamps (Hi Beams), swarm (Hi Beam Indicator)
1710Heated Mirrors/Rear window Defroster Indicator
185Instrument Illumination (Dimmer move Power), Clock (Dimmer), Navigation display screen (2000-2002)
19Not Used
205Audio, wait Suspension Module, memory Module, GEM Module, Digital Transmission selection Selector
2115Starter Relay, Fuse 20, Digital Transmission variety Selector (2000-2002)
2210Air Bag Module, EATC (2000-2001), EATC Blower Relay (2000-2001), Feeds Fuse 7 (2000-2001), clever Passenger air Bag Deactivation Module (2002)
2310Electrochromic Mirror, Aux A/C, cook Seats, Trailer Tow Battery Charge, Turn/Hazard Flasher, Console Blower Door Actuator, 4x4 Clutch Relay (2000-2002), 4 Wheel Anti-Lock Brake mechanism (4WABS) Module (2000-2002)
24101999: Climate mode Switch (Blower Relay), EATC (via fuse 7), EATC Blower Relay
2002: EATC Module, EATC Blower/Flasher Relay, Climate regulate Selector move , Feeds fuse 7
2551999: 4 Wheel Anti-Lock Brake mechanism (4WABS) Module
2610Right Side low Beam Headlamp
275Foglamp Relay and Foglamp Indicator
2810Left Side low Beam Headlamp
295Autolamp Module, transmission Overdrive manage Switch
3030Passive Anti Theft Transceiver, Cluster, Ignition Coils, Powertrain regulate Module Relay
3110Rear incorporated Control panel (Audio), CD Player, cabinet Phone
R1Interior Lamp
R2Battery Saver
R3Rear window Defroster
R4One Touch under Window
R5ACC Delay

Engine Compartment Fuse crate Diagram

The power distribution box is situated in the engine compartment. The power circulation box contains high-current fuses that protect your vehicle’s main electric systems indigenous overloads.



№ACircuit Protected
1251999: Power Point
202000-2002: Power Point
230Powertrain control Module
4251999: Console power Point
202000-2002: Console power Point
520Trailer Tow Backup/Park Lamps
615Parklamps/Autolamps, Feeds Passenger Compartment Fuse 18 (2000-2002)
830Power Door Locks
915Daytime to run Lamps (DRL), Fog Lamps
1020Fuel Pump
1120Alternator Field
1210Rear Wipers
13152000-2002: A/C Clutch
14Not Used
1510Running plank Lamps
16Not Used
1710Delayed Accessoiy (Audio, Moonroof (1999), Flip home windows (2000-2002))
1815Powertrain control Module, Fuel Injectors, Fuel Pump, mass Air flow Sensor
1910Trailer Tow Stop and also Right revolve Lamp
2010Trailer Tow Stop and also Left rotate Lamp
21Not Used
22Not Used
2315Powertrain regulate Module (1999), HEGO Sensors, Canister Vent, transmission (2000-2002), CMS Sensor (2000-2002)
24151999: Powertrain manage Module, Transmission, CMS Sensor
10130Trailer Tow Battery Charge
10250Four Wheel Antilock Brake Module
10350Junction box Battery Feed
104304x4 change Motor & Clutch
10540Climate manage Front Blower
106Not Used
10730Passenger power Seat, Passenger chair Lumbar (2000-2002)
10830Trailer Tow electric Brake
10950Air Suspension Compressor
110301999: Moonroof, flip Windows and also Heated Seats
2000-2002: Heated Seats/CCS
11150Ignition switch Battery feeding (Run and also Start Circuits)
11230Memory (Drivers Seat, adjustable Pedals, Mirrors), chauffeurs Seat Lumbar (2000-2002)
113501999: Ignition switch Battery feed (Run and Accessory Circuits)
402000-2002: Ignition move Battery feeding (Run and Accessory Circuits)
11430Climate regulate Auxilary Blower
115Not Used
11640Rear home window Defroster, cook Mirrors
117Not Used
118Not Used
60130Circuit Breaker: Delayed Accessory (Power Windows, flip Windows, Radio, Moonroof (2000-2002))
602Not Used
201Trailer Tow Park Lamp
202Front Wiper Run/Park
203Trailer Tow back-up Lamp
204A/C Clutch
2051999: Horn
2000-2002: Rear Wiper Down
206Fog Lamp
207Front Washer Pump
2081999: Rear Washer Pump
2000-2002: Rear Washer Pump
2091999: Front Wiper Hi/Lo
2000-2002: Rear Wiper Up
2101999: Not Used
2111999: Not Used
2121999: Rear Wiper Up
2131999: Rear Wiper Down
301Fuel Pump
302Trailer Tow Battery Charge
3032000-2002: Front Wiper Hi/Lo
304Powertrain regulate Module
401Not Used
501Powertrain regulate Module
502A/C Clutch
5032000-2002: Automatic Park Brake Release

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