The belt ~ above the 2003 Chevy express is referred to as a serpentine belt. The serpentine belt is a single belt the travels around every one of the accessories on the former of the engine. Rather of having actually two or three various belts, the serpentine belt renders it possible to run all of the engine equipment with simply the one belt. If the belt shows indicators of far-ranging cracking or wear, change it prior to it breaks and leaves friend stranded top top the next of the road.

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Open the hood ~ above the 2003 Chevy Express. Find the serpentine belt routing diagram. The diagram have the right to be uncovered on the top of the fan shroud that surrounds the radiator. If you carry out not check out the serpentine belt routing diagram, draw out the routing direction the the old serpentine belt on a notepad, or use the routing chart in the referrals section.

Locate the spring loaded serpentine belt tensioner ~ above the front of the engine. The tensioner will have a feather loaded eight on one end and also a pulley-block on the other end. The wheel will have actually a 1/2 customs square hole in the center of the pulley.

Slide the square end of the 1/2-inch drive pull bar right into the 1/2-inch square feet of the tensioner pulley.

Turn the tensioner clockwise to relieve the anxiety from the serpentine belt. Remove the serpentine belt from the tensioner pulley with your various other hand.

Remove the serpentine belt indigenous the continuing to be pulleys. On slide the belt about the radiator cooling fan and also remove the belt from the engine compartment.

Slide the new serpentine belt approximately the radiator cooling fan. Course the brand-new serpentine belt approximately the crankshaft pulley-block first. The crankshaft wheel is the huge pulley top top the bottom of the engine.

Route the brand-new serpentine belt around the staying pulleys by making use of the serpentine belt routing diagram. Leave the alternator wheel for last.

Slide the 1/2-inch journey ratchet back into the square feet of the tensioner pulley. Turn the tensioner clockwise and also slide the serpentine belt onto the alternator sheave with your other hand. Release the tensioner. Check the serpentine belt come ensure that is inside of all the pulleys.

Crank the 2003 Chevy Express and also inspect the belt again come ensure that the belt continues to be seated within of the accessory pulleys. Turn the engine off.

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