Hey guys, since my dealership right here in Cedar Rapids, IA was closed, I"ve chose to begin doing my very own oil changes and also logging all the receipts and also maintenance because that my warranty. Ns went through the Napa gold 1516 filter and Valvoline Synpower Full fabricated 5w-30.It yes, really wasn"t too bad overall, return the oil drainpipe plug to be surprisingly chop (I"ve read on below others have actually the same prob v the dealer).I first used a wrench on the oil filter, which worked yet I had actually to push up against the serpentine belt some, i m sorry wasn"t too comforting. I ended up picking up the finish cap socket type remover and it was a breeze indigenous the bottom.My question is, do you males know any tricks because that removing the oil filter without spilling oil everywhere? I inserted rags under the filter as TJKJ recommended, however I still appeared to do a quite mess...Thanks in advance.

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That idea wont job-related as an excellent as you think based upon that picture. The filter right fits between the suspension and also engine contents from the bottom and also I haven"t determined how to get it indigenous the top. You need to tilt it part to get it out and it spills. Although the is a great idea, i don"t check out you acquiring the bottom the a coke party up there to catch it and ago out there is no spilling any.I just **** that up and also clean the area afterwards.Maybe who else has actually learned a trick, though.

This week ns watched the technology at Chrysler pull his an intricate cart under the KJ, and also smile because I had actually a k & n under there so he might just usage a ratchet instead of a filter wrench. He then continue to swallow my oil, together it spilled out anywhere his face and also clothes ...****. On the bright side he was able to administer me with a really detailed taste-based oil analysis. Reportedly not even (all of) the techs in ~ the dealership have established this difficulty yet.
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Only pointer is prepare to acquire dirty. The place is terrible. A cup wrench helps but I"ve uncovered that every filters for this thing have a slightly different diameter definition it doesn"t always fit the filter. The typical purolator fits an excellent in the cup wrench ns have, if i opt for the pure one it doesnt which is a real PITA.

Ive never had any kind of problems v oil spilling out. Transforming the oil in hemi is another story though. It has actually a small catch that catches all the oil. I revolve the filter upside down and also let it all drain into the channel then I carry the filter down and also out.
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i not spill an extremely much....i eliminate the filter from above after i gain it loose and i simply empty it into the the plastic drain channel. Ns doo have actually long arms tho.....

I ease filter indigenous the optimal until oil starts coming out, then i press the filter upwards contempt to aid in oil draining out. Oil runs under the plastic catcher into my pan on the ground.Once it"s drained, i clean the off with a document towel/disposable shop rag and also finish unscrewing that the rest of the way. That doesn"t make much mess in ~ all. Periodically i get a few drips top top the ground, but never an ext than simply a couple of drips.

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i acquire the filter indigenous the top, turn gradually so it starts to weep oil under the catcher drainpipe thing, store going untill it usually stops weeping. Eliminate from thread and also carefully pull it out. The chaos isnt as poor as trying no to get any type of oil ~ above the aux belt.