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Truck idles really low, surges, and sometimes stalls in ~ idle. Ns took it to Autozone and they placed the scan device to it and told me it review "o2 sensor, bank 1, sensor 1, low input". Didn"t phone call me the code number. I"m presume that means the front sensor is bad. If so, I will definately acquire one indigenous URD, but is there something else I have to check prior to getting a brand-new sensor?Thanks!

A dirty MAF sensor will provide out the very same code. Clean the MAF and throttle body, reset and try it out..
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I cleaned the MAF, the throttle body, and also my waiting filter. Checked for vacuum leaks and replaced the vacuum water tap to the S/C bypass valve. It had actually cracks at the connection to the intake, but I don"t think that was leading to a leak. Check engine light went out. Truck still idles down actual low, surges (hunts) and sometimes stalls as soon as the engine is warm. Idles fine when cold. Ns took it back to Autozone and also no fault codes come up. Might it it is in a throttle place sensor going bad? AZ guy thought that could also be the idle wait valve.....??? :shrug: The idle air valve is practically $200 and I don"t desire to throw components at it unless I"m pretty sure they"re the best parts. Any kind of ideas?


It can be the prior O2 (air/fuel) sensor. I"d journey it for at the very least 100 miles, because you reset the ECM and let the re-learn everything. And, ~ 100 miles if the CEL comes on again, then you know the prior sensor is probably bad.. I doubt the the TPS..
I"m proud to have had the privilidge to satisfy some that the greatest CT"zens in the world. At mini-meets, satisfy n greets, car shows and also TacOberFest. It every started right here..

How must I clean it? once I cleaned the TB i squirted TB cleaner right into the hole the goes into the ACV at the bottom the the TB. Execute I need to take that apart or squirt cleaner right into the vacuum (?) hose link that goes into the ACV?
I simply put a k&n Cold waiting Intake on mine "04 D-Cab 3.4L, and also I am having actually the exact same problem. One thing extra ns do notification though. Mine driveway has a slim grade to it. If i am in mine driveway the rough idle will recover when it it s okay to around 400RPM"s. When on level ground, it will pretty much stall. Also, execute you have actually an automatic or Standard. Mine is Automatic, don"t think it would make a difference, but with a traditional Tranny, I might see the being less complicated to throttle it up with your foot once stopped in ~ a red light.
My 2000 3.4L is having actually the exact same problem, inspect engine light"s to be on since I purchase ir 4 months ago and in the past month it"s been surging and stalling when I go from increasing to neutral. I"m placing in new o2 sensors this weekend however I"m wondering if yes something else that might be resulting in it.

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Here"s part tips on troubleshooting the front sensor.
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