P0118 is a common OBDII trouble code. The is a basic code, which method that it’s walk to have the same meaning for the Buick Rendezvous as it would any other vehicle.

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P0118: Engine Coolant Temp Sensor Circuit → High Input

This code is thrown when the resistance coming from the coolant temp sensor does not adjust as the automobile warms up.


Buick Rendezvous P0118 Symptoms

P0118 is periodically accompanied by remarkable symptoms. This symptoms include failure come start, stormy idle, misfiring, reduced fuel economy, and the company engine quickly light.

It’s just as most likely that the only sign that you’ll get from the Rendezvous is the examine engine light itself.

As P0118 have the right to greatly affect the drivability of her Rendezvous, we recommend fixing it as soon as possible.


P0118 Causes: Buick Rendezvous

Most of the time, the cause of P0118 is going to be regarded the wiring or the sensor in some way or another.

Here’s a great video native CarNToys indigenous YouTube top top this specific problem.

Wiring Issue

It’s a great idea to start diagnosing P0118 in her Rendezvous at the wiring harness. It’s frequently the reason why the password was thrown. It’s likewise cheap and easy come diagnose.

Start by inspecting where the exploit plugs into the Temp Sensor. After ~ that, inspect the harness for wiring problems. Here’s a great guide ~ above inspecting her wiring harness.

The Sensor Itself

After thoroughly assessing the wiring harness, it would certainly be time to take a look at the sensor itself. It operates by receiving a 5 volt signal indigenous the computer and a ground. That drops voltage as it warms up. If you’re not getting 5 volts, re-inspect the wiring harness.

If you have actually a volt meter, you can test the signal coming from it together the engine warms up. If it remains the same, than the sensor is not functioning properly.

Replacing the sensor directly away isn’t lot of a gamble. They’re really affordable.

Other Causes

There have the right to be other reasons of P0118 in her Rendezvous. They frequently aren’t walking to it is in as common though. A negative PCM can reason the the code to be triggered.

Engine coolant can cause the code to litter if it it s okay corroded enough. So, if you uncover yourself in a instance where girlfriend can’t remember the critical time the the coolant has actually been changed, it may be worth a shot to just change it and see if you get lucky.

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Most the the time, P0118 is going come be brought about by a poor temperature sensor. Wiring worries are the following most likely cause. An excellent luck diagnosing her Rendezvous!

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