here is a video, guide and the diagrams below so you can see exactly how the job is done: the end the diagrams (below). Please let us know if you need anything else to acquire the problem fixed.Cheers

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V8 4 wheel journey automatic. Should remove internal door dashboard to check why window is not working. Is there a tool I should remove the panel?

I would certainly guess that the 2002 is the exact same as a 2000. V that said, there space two screws that must be removed. One is on the door skin in ~ the interior door seize handle. The second one is under the power lock/window panel on the door skin (you have to remove the dashboard should simply pull off). Then you need to pop off the little tri-angular trim piece at the top/front of the door skin (by the bottom former of her window). Climate the door skin just lifts right up and also out (you may have actually wires attached to the earlier of the door skin because that speakers and courtesy lights if so equipped). The just tool you need is an 8mm socket to eliminate the two screws.

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Hello, below is a overview that will provide you one idea of what you room in for when doing the job: is what the says:


Remove the door take care of bezel. Remove the door trim panel upper extension. Making use of a suitable flat-bladed tool, tenderness pry the hand-operated lock bar from the door trim panel. Eliminate the trim panel screws.Remove the screw (2) from in ~ the opening where the hands-on door lock lever resides. Remove the screw (3) from the opened in prior of the armrest.Carefully on slide the trim dashboard up in bespeak to relax the retainers native the door. Disconnect the electric connectors.Installation Procedure attach the electrical connectors. Carefully align the panel, and also slide the panel right into the retainer slot in bespeak to download the trim dashboard to the door. Notice: describe Fastener notification in business Precautions. Install the trim panel screws (2,3). Tighten the trim dashboard screws (2,3) come 2 N.m (18 lb in). Install the hands-on lock bar to the trim panel.Align the hand-operated lock bar to the opening in the door trim panel. Press inward till the manual lock bar is fully seated right into the trim panel.Install the door trim panel top extension. Install the door manage bezel.Check the end the diagrams (below).Please allow us understand if you need anything rather to get the trouble fixed.Cheers