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I have actually an 04, for this reason supposidly its a 22 gallon tank, however the needle goes come dead north at 18???however ns did put in 19 one day. Is that a 22 gallon through a make reservation of part sort? walk gm make any 18 gallon tanks in 04 or perform i have a 22 that simply likes telling me i have alot less gas then ns think?
My 05 tank is additionally that small...if no smaller. I know when I obtain the gas irradiate to come on before filling, I have the right to only fill around 16-17 gallons...and uneven there"s 3 gallons once the light comes on, ns don"t know exactly how its expect to be more than a 20 gallon tank.weird...even the manual says its a 22 gallon tank.

The irradiate is an alleged to come on when you have actually at the very least 2 gallons the gas in the tank.04 has the 22gal tank
I have actually an 04, therefore supposidly its a 22 gallon tank, however the needle goes to dead empty at 18???however i did placed in 19 one day. Is the a 22 gallon through a reserve of part sort? walk gm make any 18 gallon tanks in 04 or execute i have actually a 22 that just likes informing me i have alot much less gas then ns think?
Have you ever run the tank dry, then refilled? If not, exactly how do you know how much the fuel gauge goes below the "E"? I discovered out once. I was top top a lengthy trip heading home. The miles-to-empty said practically the very same as miles-to-home top top the GPS. It to be summer and also I would certainly not freeze if i ran out of gas, so ns went for it. I arrived home and also the gas gauge was listed below empty. It likewise indicated fuel offered to it is in 21.3 gallons. No problem. Acquire some rest and get gas in the morning. Ns live 1/2 mile indigenous the gas station, and also ran the end a block native the gas station. Ns walked come the station, to buy a gas can and 2 gallons that gas. When I fill the tank it took a bit over 20 gallons. -- Dan Meyer :coffee

i"m thinking when i go ago from college, i"ll bust the end the hose and syphon out the gas once the light come on, and also if i have actually 5 gallons then it need to be a 22 gallon tank, if that only has 2 then it would mean i have a 18 gallon tank. Or simply syphon out what ever before is in there, measure it then fill it up and include the two amounts together, and then i"ll have it hopefully.

before as soon as i was about to swap mine tank to 22 gal native an 18 gal, mine gas always filled up to much less than 15.5 (since 2004 when i very first got the truck) when at empty, low fuel irradiate lights up, etc. As soon as we tried to install the 22 gal tank at an initial try it no fit, so they reinstall it back on. But when they put the tank (18 gal tank) back on, and i filled up the tank it read 17.7 for the very first time ever. Never ever once has actually that happened. The may have actually something to execute with either your fuel present or the sender due to the fact that those were the only things as well as the tank the were bring away off and put ago on.

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hmmm, maybe as soon as i go home i"ll take a one or 2 gallon tank of gas, and runn my tank dry. Then simply use the gallon to gain to a gas station.
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