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Just bought a used 2003 Trailblazer LX and the passenger low-beam bulb burned out (sounds like a common problem from this board!). How is it replaced... from behind or do I take the clear lens cover off and replace from the front? THX

It is replaced from behind :yes: The method that most people use is to take off the grille and take out the whole lighting accembly. Personally, i have just unbolted or removed parts in the way and worked with the grille on.If your still unsure, i would be happy to assist with pictures and a step-by-step.

Most people will agree that the grill removal is fastest and easiest on your hands. It"s my personal recommendation.

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Well first off, not to be a jerk or anything but you don"t have a Trailblazer LX. Its either a LS, LT, or LTZ maybe just a typo. I have never heard of an issue with the TB"s headlamp bulbs burning out too often, they do have some problems with the tail light, but that should be taken care of by the recall. There are different ways to get to your bulbs, but I will tell you the way I like to do it. First you need to pop the hood. Your grille and chrome bar are held to your truck with I think eight clips. You can see the top clips if you look. First VERY GENTLY!!! start pulling your grille untill you start popping those clips out. Keep an eye on your chrome bar, because it is clipped into the headlight. GENTLY pull on the chrome bar at the headlight untill the clips come off, then work your way over to the other headlight. The goal is to be take your time and be gentle untill you have all the clips released. Set your grille aside(be carefull not to scratch it). Each head light has two metal tabs on top of it, the outer tabs are slightly hidden in the fender. If you pull these tabs up, it will release the headlight from the frame of the truck(be carefull not to let the headlight fall out and scratch your bumper). Once you have the headlight assembly out, pop off the circle rubber cover on the back of the unit. Your bulbs will be inside there, and make sure you don"t touch the bulb when removing it. Just reverse the process when your done changing your bulbs. Oh yea, don"t forget to put the rubber cap back on the headlamp unit before you re-install it, that really sucks! Good luck.