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Just got my vehicle fixed at a human body shop, but for part reason, they might only placed in 4 quarts of transmission Fluid.I can"t get an exact reading top top the dipstick, about how many an ext quarts of transmission fluid will i need?I read somewhere the its 11-12 Quarts??

Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when an initial we practice to deceive.

A lil lift on the situation. I cracked mine tail-shaft, many tranny fluid leaked out the crack. As soon as the shop changed the pillar they had actually to have actually dropped the pan and filled it with the intail 4 quarts. I have actually no idea just how much liquid I actually lost because the van was driven until the tranny wouldn"t engage.When ns look in ~ the dipstick, ns don"t get any kind of fluid ~ above the side v the measurements, yet on the flip side, the liquid skips the room between the 2 holes and also then proceeds from the second hole and also runs all the way up the stick to the words. To be I analysis the rod wrong, or execute I simply don"t have enough fluid for the pole to also pick up? (These readings whereby all hot)

was that running once you checked it? was it on level ground? i say add a pint (not quart) in ~ a time till that reads right.
I"m nice sure now that the human body shop didn"t include ANY tranny fluid...I had actually to put down 5 quarts before I obtained anything review on the dipstick. I was puzzled earlier due to the fact that the dimensions I was getting earlier was the tranny fluid that was on the political parties of the tube. I"m more than a little pissed now because I had actually to drive my truck, therefore I most likely jacked up my tranny :ugh:
I"m quite sure now that the body shop didn"t add ANY tranny fluid...I had actually to put down 5 quarts before I got anything check out on the dipstick. Ns was confused earlier because the measurements I was getting earlier was the tranny liquid that was on the political parties of the tube. I"m an ext than a tiny pissed now because I had actually to drive my truck, for this reason I most likely jacked up mine tranny :ugh:
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Update:I speak to the owner, and he assured me the he placed 4 quarts of tranny liquid in the pan. I"m guessing the I lost over 9 quarts of liquid in mine accident. I"m reasoning that i may have actually spewed several of the liquid in mine torque converter out my cracked tailshaft as soon as I drove that from the accident website to my house. (Without my knowledge of course).This is day 3 with the exactly amount of fluid in my truck.... I don"t have any type of "slips" in journey Mode, yet I can"t reverse, or there"s something really wrong once I shot to reverse. The truck has trouble moving, and if that does I have the right to feel vibrations under me indigenous the van trying to walk backward. The difficulty has to be acquiring progressily worse, because when i intially to fill the Tranny with the correct amount of fluid, everything was running smoothly.