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I have actually been looking on the forum and internet for about a week trying to find the ar of the CAMshaft position Sensor no the Crankshaft. All i can discover it the Crankshaft Sensor location. The CAMshaft is supposedly easier to replace but not if I can not situate it! LOL. If anyone has replace their or knows precisely where that is might you let me know. Images would it is in great. Currently tried kiatechinfo, the was no helpful. Thanks in advance.

Well ns took that out and also checked the component number to make sure it was undoubtedly the Camshaft position Sensor part # 39310-38050 and it was!! I changed it through a brand-new one and also the vehicle started up choose a charm! difficulty fixed because that now. I had gotten the password P0340 and also the engine would certainly crank and also start however cut out after about 3 seconds. Hope this help someone. I also noticed girlfriend can obtain an aftermarket Camshaft position Sensor quite cheap on Ebay if money is an issue. Happy driving!
It was easy to do. Take turn off the cover held on by four 10mm screws and also you will watch it. The sensor is hosted on v one 10mm screw. Be careful when trying come unplug fthe socket. I damaged the plastic tab you hold down to traction it out. I recorded it up great when i plugged it back in, so that wouldn"t come loose. But the entirety thing took around 5 minutes!!
Could you please repost this picture?It is right now not showing and I would like to use it to replace my camshaft place sensor.Thanks!

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