P0157 is a typical OBDII code that wake up in theMitsubishi Endeavor, it’s a basic code (this means that it has the same an interpretation for any kind of vehicle).

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This code frequently indicates the there is an issue with the wiring or exploit going come the sensor, or the sensor chin is bad. There are various other things that reason P0157 to populate. We’ll sheathe those below.

financial institution 2 refers to the side of the engine through Cylinder 2 in the firing order. Sensor 2 is downstream that the catalytic converter.

Mitsubishi endeavor P0157 Symptoms


Typically, the only symptom that P0157 is walk to be the business engine shortly light. Sensor 2 is mostly about checking to see that the exhaust has been scrubbed by the catalytic converter. The exemption to this is dodge Vehicles.

Most the the time, it’s no a breakdown risk. But, prefer anything that reasons the organization engine shortly light to which it is a great idea to have actually it resolved as shortly as possible.

P0157 Causes: Mitsubishi Endeavor

Here space the most typical issues that reason the P0157 password in the Mitsubishi Endeavor. They space presented in order (somewhat) of many to the very least likely to cause the problem.

Damage to the Terminal– The terminal the the oxygen sensor connects to (the plug) is also fairly susceptible come damage. You’ll desire to make certain that over there is voltage going come it. There’s an ext on that straight below. Wrong O2 Sensor– If you are gaining P0157 after having recently replaced your Oxygen sensor, it may be the the instead of is not correct or bad.

Endeavor P0157 Diagnosis

Here is a wonderful video that covers all aspects of diagnosing the P0157 code:

It is feasible to diagnose the P0157 v a multimeter. If you use the multimeter, you’ll recognize whether or no the voltage coming to and from the oxygen sensor is within spec, this can assist you determine if it’s your Endeavor’s O2 sensor, or wiring exploit that’s the issue.

If friend don’t have accessibility to a multimeter, it definitely wouldn’t ache to check the wiring to between the fuse box and the Oxygen sensor first. If it ends up gift a wiring issue, it’ll save you money over buying an unnecessary O2 sensor.

You can likewise use a voltage test light to determine whether or no the oxygen sensor is getting any type of voltage at every (they’re around $5 at Walmart). If it’s no getting any type of voltage, connect the check light to the exploit plug and also shake the wiring a small bit. If the light comes on, even for a second, you know that you have a brief circuit bring about the P0157 problem code.

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Good happy finding every little thing caused P0157 in her Mitsubishi Endeavor. If you have anything the you would prefer to add, you re welcome feel complimentary to leaving a comment below.