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Hi all, simply wanted to share the great news, our 2006 Magnum 2.7 died like the fuel pump was going, climate restarted fine, journey home and after shutting off would not refire. The trouble was a poor fuel pump relay. This relay is located in the rear fuse panel, you deserve to switch the end the behind wiper relay to obtain you ago on the road until you can buy another as they usage the same part # relay. The owners manual in the gloves box reflects the fuse location yet not the relay location, however they"re in the very same fuse box!! I more than likely saved myself $800+ simply now and a tow from AAA come the stealer. Do yourself"s a favor and get the place chart because that those relays, and buy a couple of extras. Nuff said, time because that a cold beer:beerchug:

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Here"s the 2006 Rear strength distrubution Center, ( might work for other years also )when you take it the cover off, look for the place of # 46, that"s the fuel pump relay. To buy a new relay today at Dodge, $20 , however you deserve to use the behind wiper relay to gain you back on the roadway until you can obtain another. You can buy these at most part stores also for about $10 - $13, yet I remained with the manufacturing facility stuff.........

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Here"s the front strength Center and relay locations and names, too negative Chrysler doesn"t list these inside the sheathe or at least in the owner Manual. My 2003 Avalanche lists castle all within the fuse cover....
You don"t have any high resolution pictures of those, carry out ya?I saved the images, however I can"t read anything that they say.TIA
I found these on another site, lxforums, and also they were ok to check out after I published them. Yet do a find there under "fuses and amp ratings" in the magnum specific forum there. Hope this helps, Chrysler should have actually these points posted in our owners manual, or at the very least the underside of the fuse cover! or shot this attach ( if it doesn"t obtain deleted )*-19755/