2006 Ford 500 Fuse Diagram, also Freestyle and Mercury Montego

This 2006 Ford 500 Fuse Diagram reflects two fuse boxes; the Battery Junction Box/Power distribution Box situated under the hood and also the clever Junction Box/Passenger Compartment Fuse Panel located under the dash come the left of the steering wheel, near the brake pedal.

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2006 Ford 500 Fuse diagram Battery Junction Box

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2006 Ford 500 Fuse chart Battery Junction Box

1.1 80 F2.1, F2.2, F2.3, F2.4, F2.5

1.2 – not used

1.3 50 Windshield wiper relay

1.4 – no used

1.5 20 Roof opened panel module

1.6 – no used

1.7 60 Engine cooling fan motor

1.8 – no used

1.9 40 ABS regulate module

1.10 30 Starter relay

1.11 30 PCM power relay

1.12 20 ABS regulate module

1.13 – not used

1.14 20 power point, rear

1.15 15 CVT module (7000), 6-speed automatically transaxle module

1.16 20 strength point, console

1.17 10 Generator

1.18 40 smart Junction box (SJB)

1.19 20 Headlamp, right

1.20 40 cook backlight relay

1.21 30 Seat readjust switch, passenger next front

1.22 30 Heated seat module, driver next front (14C724), Heated chair module, passenger next front

1.23 15 Fog desk lamp relay

1.24 10 A/C clutch relay

1.25 – no used

1.26 – no used

1.27 15 Fuel pump relay

1.28 80 F2.6, F2.7, F2.9, F2.10, F2.11, F2.25

1.29 30 Power home window motor, driver side front

1.30 20 Headlamp, left

1.31 30 assistant relay crate 1, auxiliary coolant pump relay

1.32 30 Driver seat module, Seat adjust switch, driver next front

1.33 30 Ignition switch

1.34 – not used

1.35 40 Blower engine relay

1.36 – no used

1.37 – not used

1.38 – not used

1.45 30 Windshield wiper motor

1.46 5 Heated positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve

1.47 25 behind wiper engine assembly

1.48 10 Vapor monitoring valve, EVAP canister vent regulate solenoid, A/C clutch relay, boil Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) #11, cook Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) #12, cook Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) #21, heated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) #22, EGR mechanism module, CVT module (7000), 6-speed automatic transaxle module

1.49 15 mass Air circulation (MAF) sensor, Powertrain regulate Module (PCM), Fuel injector 1, Fuel injector 2, Fuel injector 3, Fuel injector 4, Fuel injector 5, Fuel injector 6, Coil top top Plug (COP) 1, Coil ~ above Plug (COP) 2, Coil top top Plug (COP) 3, Coil on Plug (COP) 4, Coil on Plug (COP) 5, Coil top top Plug (COP) 6, ignition transformer capacitor

2006 Ford 500 Fuse Diagram clever Junction Box

2006 Ford 500 Fuse Diagram clever Junction Box

2.1 20 High beam relay

2.2 15 Courtesy desk lamp relay, Battery saver relay, Accessory delay relay

2.3 25 Door lock relay, Door unlock relay, Driver door unlock relay, Decklid relay

2.4 15 flexible pedal switch

2.5 20 Horn

2.6 20 Subwoofer amplifier

2.7 7.5 electronic Automatic Temperature regulate (EATC) module, role selector move assembly(Manual A/C), Powertrain manage Module (PCM), Clock (15000), instrument cluster

2.8 15 Park/turn lamp, left front, Park/turn lamp, best front, side lamp, left front, side lamp, right front, desk lamp assembly, left rear, lamp assembly, appropriate rear, patent lamps, license plate lamp, left, license plate lamp, right

2.9 20 Data connect Connector (DLC), strength point, instrument panel

2.10 7.5 Exterior rear see mirror switch, Seat adjust switch, driver next front, Driver chair module

2.11 20 rear Seat entertain (RSE) module, Radio

2.12 10 desk lamp assembly, left rear, desk lamp assembly, ideal rear, Electrochromatic inside winter unit, Parking assist Module (PAM

2.13 7.5 Radio

2.14 7.5 Starter relay, Powertrain manage Module (PCM)

2.15 10 Door lock switch, driver side, Door lock switch, passenger side, Power window motor, driver side front, Auxiliary role selector move assembly, rear, Roof opening panel module, Radio

2.16 10 function selector move assembly, Exterior rear check out mirror, right, Exterior rear check out mirror, left

2.17 30 Rear window defrost grid

2.18 10 Passive anti-theft transceiver, Brake pedal place switch, redundancy pedal switch, PCM strength diode, PCM strength relay, Fuel pump relay, F1.46

2.19 10 Parking aid Module (PAM), Heated seat module, driver side front, Heated seat module, passenger side front, Traction assist/Parking help disable switch, Differential electronic Module (DEM), ABS regulate module

2.20 7.5 function selector switch assembly, electronic Automatic Temperature control (EATC) module, tool cluster

2.21 7.5 Restraints regulate module

2.22 7.5 digital compass, Electrochromatic inside mirror unit, assistant relay box 1, assistant relay crate 2, auxiliary relay box 3

2.23 7.5 instrument cluster, Blower motor relay, Windshield wiper relay

2.24 7.5 Passenger waiting bag Deactivation (PAD) indicator (14B268), Occupant group Sensor (OCS)

2.25 30 c.b. Accessory delay relay

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