Engine Mechanical trouble Four Wheel drive Automatic When I try to start my 2002 Ford Explorer, there is a recurring 'tick'ing noise and nothing else happens. My battery is completely charged. Someone told me it may be the solenoid, yet I don't know where it is even located. Execute you think they space right? whereby is the solenoid located? What is the best means to examine the solenoid?

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that sounds more like the confident battery cable is going negative the starter solenoid it located on the starter right here is a overview to help you watch what ns am talk about. Https://www.tasiilaq.net/articles/how-to-replace-a-starter-motorThere is a starter relay though check out the diagrams listed below to see how the system is wired and also where the relay is.https://www.tasiilaq.net/articles/how-to-check-an-electrical-relay-and-wiring-control-circuitCheck out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us know what happens.Cheers



Hello, There room two starter solenoids for her car; one is under by the starter motor and also the other is increase by the battery ~ above the vehicle drivers side. Here is a overview that reflects the reduced solenoid:https://www.tasiilaq.net/articles/how-to-replace-a-starter-motorCheck the end the diagrams (below) for both locations.Please let us recognize if you require anything rather to acquire the trouble fixed.Cheers, Ken
Hello, i am Danny.This is what the solenoid is like mounted on the starter motor. I have actually attached a photo and circled the solenoid in red. Expect this helps and also thanks for making use of tasiilaq.net.Danny-
where is the starter solenid situated on a 2000 Frod traveler Sport? Is it difficult to replace? Thanks.
the is mounted on the starter. Examine for strength to the tiny wire with crucial in crank position, if it has actually power and no start, the starter/solenoid needs to it is in replaced.

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Hello, The starter solenoid and also relay space integral with the starter. For replacement actions for her starter, check out below: REMOVAL:Disconnect the negative battery cable.Properly raise and support the vehicle.Tag and disconnect the wiring at the starter.WARNING: as soon as detaching the hard-shell connector in ~ the S-terminal, grasp the plastic shell to traction it off. Carry out not traction on the wire itself. For sure to traction the connector directly off to prevent damage to the connector and S-terminal. If any part of the connector is damaged, replace the damaged component.Remove the starter mounting bolts and also remove the starterINSTALLATION:Position the starter motor against the engine and also install the mounting bolts. Tighten the mounting bolts to 15-19 ft. Lbs. (21-27 Nm).Install the starter solenoid connector by pushing it right on. Ensure that the connector locks in place with a noteworthy click.Install the starter cable nut to the starter solenoid B-terminal. Tighten the seed to 80-123 customs lbs. (9-14 Nm).Connect any type of remaining wiring to the starter motor.Lower the vehicle.Connect the negative battery cable.Thanks for making use of tasiilaq.net. Com!