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I have recently been informed that I need to replace my fuel pump in my 05 Taurus. I am wondering if you can access the pump any other way besides dropping the fuel tank? I will be doing this myself and cannot seem to find anything on how to go about it. I know that on some models you can access the pump by lifting the rear seat, but not sure about mine.Any advice on how to do this would be greatly appreciated...

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How were you informed of this?? I would ask for another opinion from a qualified tech of your choice. Fuel filter is inexpensive start as Bigdogg suggest. Check all relays, and fuses, after fuel filter change. Look at the whole fuel path both electrically and the physical parts. We need more info to really do any more than guess!! Good luck!

Check the FPDM too! It threw me bad fuel pump codes, I didn"t even have to replace it, just cleaned up all the connections and grounds. I still have two of them laying around from the junkyard in-case it wants to fuss at me again too. Fuel pumps do fail, however most of the time people think they"re bad they"re really not and though it"s more time consuming then hard to pull the tank off and replace it, it"s way more aggravating to find out that it"s not the problem. I had to do it on a 25gal F-150, the Bull should be easier, but still find out if it"s 100% first.

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^ Theres a tutorial in one of the sho forums about cutting an access hole under the rear seat bottom. Includes measurements and pictures.
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