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So I will certainly be an altering out the time belt on my wife"s "04 Forenza and I am in search of some resources and also advice. I have worked on all the dare I have owned, and also done just around everything other than timing belts. So any type of advice, tips, tricks?Also, any type of other parts I should replace?
What"s the current mileage?I had actually mine changed at the shop 2 mainly ago... Only 50kmiles, but 6.5 years. Time belt instead of was heavily recommended. Lock told me they typically only replace tensiometer/rollers/water pump just if castle show problems during in ~ the first interval (60kmiles). Whatever was inspected yes in my case, so ns only had to salary the belt chin + 1.7hr labor (total 250$CAN).I do nearly all the maintain myself on the car... But the time Belt to be something ns didn"t want to do. As well costly if something walk wrong later on a interference engine.
Mileage is around 88k, us loaned the automobile to my brothers for a while during the 60k time frame and also my brothers does not remember if the time belt to be changed, he is pretty sure it was simply not 100%. So ns figured ns would just replace it it is in safe.I think it would be pretty basic to carry out myself through a helper. I simply would favor to understand what manual civilization are utilizing that have done it. Ns was quoted end the phone price indigenous 425-550 because that it to it is in changed. Pretty i have lot of money to change a $30.00 belt.

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2004 Forenza time Belt
Hi Joe,My very first recommendation would certainly be buy the factory business manuals for this car. There"re right now some up because that auction on ebay because that $60-$70 had the time belt and also water pump replaced newly on mine daughters 2004 Forenza through a neighborhood shop ($250USD) and also shortly later on the crankshaft pulley/harmonic balancer fail (separated) and also I replaced it myself. The timing belt tensioner to be chattering so while i was instead of the balancer I readjusted the tensioner. After that I"m convinced I should have actually done the timing belt myself. If you have actually a great mechanical aptitude, a jack and also some jack stands, along with a few basic hand tools, you have the right to do the timing belt. I have actually the organization manuals and will provide you a message version the the procedure. If I have time tomorrow, I will scan the pages that the hand-operated to .pdf files and post together the diagrams assist quite a bit. I started by jacking the auto up and also placing jack stands on the unibody "frame rails" just behind the engine cradle mounting points. V the vehicle supported through the jack stands, I provided the floor jack to assistance the engine, due to the truth you have to remove the passenger side engine mount. Now to the factory service manual measures for "Timing Belt Removal and also Installation" mine notes are in (parentheses).1.) Disconnect the negative battery cable.2.) Disconnect the manifold waiting temperature (MAT) sensor connector.(this is on the earlier side the the wait cleaner housing near the firewall)3.) Disconnect the waiting cleaner outlet water tap from the throttle body.4.) Disconnect the breather tube from the camshaft cover.5.) remove the waiting cleaner real estate bolts. (1) is close to the shock tower and also the various other is under low in the front by the structure rail. 6.) eliminate the wait cleaner housing.7.) remove the RF wheel8.) remove the RF wheel fine splash shield9.) eliminate the serpentine accessory journey belt.10.) eliminate the crankshaft wheel bolts. (The (4) "bolts" room socket head lid screws, inquiry a metric allen wrench) 6mm i think)11.) remove the crankshaft pulley. (This is what most of us know as theharmonic balancer, this one has actually the belt pulley integrated) (You should check the problem of this unit together they have actually a habit that separating atelastomer.) friend MAY have to TAP with A MALLET come REMOVE12.) remove the passenger next engine mount bracket. (1) nut close to thestrut tower and also (2) nuts and (1) bolt ~ above the engine next of the mount.13.) remove the time belt covering bolts. (There is a inspection window in the cover straight behind the engine mount. Eliminate (1) bolt from it and (2) or (3) indigenous the cover down low. The peak is retained by clips.)14.) remove the time belt cover.15.) using the crankshaft equipment bolt, turn the crankshaft clockwise till the timing note on the crankshaft equipment is aligned through the notch at the bottom that the behind timing belt cover. (This will certainly be an extremely easy onceyou see the diagram).16.) Align the camshaft gears v the notch top top the camshaft cover. (Thecamshafts rotate at ~50% the rpm of the crank, for this reason if you don"t have actually timing marks aligned ~ above both the "Intake" (closest come the firewall) and "Exhaust" gear, simply rotate the crankshaft gear 360° to gain all (3)marks aligned.)17.) remove the timing belt. (It is essential to not revolve the crankshaft or camshaft gears v the belt removed)18.) ease the automatic tensioner bolt (in the facility of the tensioner) revolve the hex vital tab to relax belt tension. (This will be fairlyobvious as soon as you gain this point.)GOOD IDEA TO change THE WATER PUMP while YOU room IN THEREINSTALLATION1.) Verify your crankshaft timing note (one an ext time).2.) Verify your camshaft time marks.3.) download the new timing belt.4.) turn the tensioner hex an essential tab in a clockwise direction to tensionthe brand-new timing belt. Rotate the tab until the pointer aligns v thenotch.5. Download the tensioner bolt.Tighten the automatic tensioner bolt to 25 N.m (18 lb-ft.)6.) revolve the crankshaft (2) complete turns clockwise making use of the crankshaftpulley bolt.7.) Recheck the automatically tensioner pointer.8.) install the time belt cover.9.) install the timing belt cover bolts.10.) download the engine mount.11.) download the crankshaft pulley.12.) download crankshaft pulley bolts and torque to 15 lb-ft.13.) download the serpentine belt.14.) You have the right to guess the rest.......