Yamaha Blaster Specs, Weight, Horsepower and Top Speed

The Yamaha Blaster is a 324 lb all-terrain car manufactured by Yamaha Motor company from 1988 until 2006. It has actually a 17 horsepower engine and also a optimal speed that 55 MPH. Blaster owner will finest remember it for the specs that doesn’t have. The Blaster has no reverse, no automatically clutch and also no electrical start leaving that behind several of its vain in terms of model features, yet that doesn’t matter to Blaster owners.

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The blaster wasn’t well-known for its suspension or turning capabilities either, the rear bubble wheels scream that the old 3 wheeler days and some riders couldn’t readjust to the turning characteristics. Seat height is 29.1 inches. So just how does the 2006 Yamaha blaster ATV leave us v fond memories?

Fun ! regardless of its lack of stock power the price expected being may be to add aftermarket performance components like one exhaust and brand-new tires. The blaster shines in the dunes v its 195cc, 2-Stroke, waiting Cooled motor.

When the accelerator was pinned the blaster could an ext than store up with a much an ext sophisticated ATV. When ridden aggressively the blaster performs. The rear will certainly slide with turns and the power-band is wonderful in the optimal ranges.

Engine Type: 195cc, 2-Stroke single cylinder, waiting CooledBore x Stroke: 66mm x 57mmCompression Ratio: 6.6:1Carb: Mikuni 26mmIgnition: CDIYamaha Blaster Horsepower: 17HPStarting System: KickstartTransmission: 6-Speed manual ClutchDrive Train: 2WD Sealed O-Ring ChainYamaha Blaster optimal Speed: 55 MPHSuspension/Front: Independent double Wishbone, 7.1in. W/ 5-way Preload AdjustmentSuspension/Rear: swing Arm, 7.1in. And also Threaded Preload AdjustmentBrakes/Front: dual Hydraulic DiscBrakes/Rear: Hydraulic DiscTires/Front: AT21 x 7-10Tires/Rear: AT21 x 10-8L x W x H: 68.3in. X 40.7in. X 40.9in.Yamaha Blaster Oil Capacity: 650ml (0.67 Quarts)Wheelbase: 43.3in.Yamaha Blaster chair Height: 29.1 inchesGround Clearance: 4.7in.Fuel Capacity: 2.4 GallonsYamaha Blaster Weight: 324 Lbs.

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I need to admit that I’m partial to the Blaster because they are so lot fun to ride, together are plenty of 2-stroke it is provided quads. Considering purchase a blaster if they space still reasonably easy to find in great original condition. Don’t worry about mixing the oil right into your fuel, over there is a reservoir under the seat that does it automatically. Just put the key in and also enjoy the kickstart, you’ll be keeping up with 400cc Honda 4-stroke ATVs follow to Max.



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