Direct replacement because that Cadillac DTS fog light bulbsModern LED calculation with long lifePlug and play, no alteration with factory H10 pear sizeAvailable in many brightness levels


Modern Foglights.

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instead of LED bulbs space a good way to enhance the look at of the fog lights on your Cadillac DTS. Whether you"re corresponding the headlights, replacing worn-out conventional bulbs, or just adding some style, this is just one of the easiest and most effective upgrades you have the right to make because that the overall lighting setup on your DTS.

Brightness. All Diode Dynamics LED bright is rated with accurate, measure up lumen figures, no calculations or guesses. We test the true calculation in-house, and provide you the real numbers to compare. Most of the H10 LED fog light alternatives we market are because that cosmetic upgrade purposes only, to administer a modern LED figure on her DTS. If you"re trying to find the maximum output, the SL1 is the finest option for you. We likewise recommend the SLF LED, which is a bulb particularly designed because that fog desk lamp applications, and is obtainable in cool white or a pure yellow color.


True Colors. our LED fog light bulbs are available in 2 colors: cool white and also yellow.

The cool white LED options provide a pure, fresh white output without any kind of hint that blue. They room a perfect enhance for most factory LEDs and also HID components, to administer a uniform, clean illustration on the road.

The yellow option is a pure, brilliant yellow tone. Unlike various other manufacturers who use lenses through white LEDs to attain a yellow color, the yellow SLF alternative uses twin high-power true yellow LEDs instead--no lens needed! This method you end up with a pure yellow color, rather of the greenish yellow shade you may have seen from other generic yellow bulb options. Click below to find out more: Why carry out Yellow LEDs look Green? video.

Tested. most of us have seen light setups v random shades of white that don"t rather match. At Diode Dynamics, we operate an integrating sphere, i m sorry is a item of lab tools used to analysis the exact color spectrum that the LED bulbs we produce. By testing each batch the products, we have the right to ensure the all bulbs will match in color, come avoid miscellaneous tints that white. These bulbs will match any type of other upgrades girlfriend may have from Diode Dynamics, for factory-style uniformity and also a clean appearance.

Reliability. Diode Dynamics LEDs are built with constant-current inductive circuitry, together with transient suppression. They room tested by our design team v a machine that replicates years of voltage spikes, like the ones created each time the alternator starts and also stops on your DTS. This is what kills many LED bulbs over time, but similar to factory components, Diode Dynamics LED bulbs space designed with integrated circuit protection. While much more expensive than straightforward bulbs, this permits Diode Dynamics LEDs come last for years, with no flickering or failure.

Experience. After end a decade in business, Diode Dynamics is among the most trusted name in automotive LED lighting. We straight assemble and also engineer one increasing variety of products in the joined States, enabling for higher quality and also performance, v the newest and also brightest LED technology. Whether it"s a Cadillac or anything else, us pride ourself in offering only the best feasible LED solutions. Please call us if you"d like to discuss your bright project!

H10 HP48 - much more details


48 LEDs in omnidirectional design.Chrome reflector on optimal for clean appearance.Molded connector v sturdy terminals.Cosmetic update only.250 lumens every bulb.

H10 XP80 - much more details


Sixteen high-power 5W LEDs i ordered it in all directions.Metal heatsink to maintain high output.Inductive constant-current journey circuit.510 lumens per bulb.

H10 SLF - much more details


Opposing automotive-grade high-power emitters.Durable zinc alloy heatsink.Optically exactly focus, an ext light come the road.780 lumens every bulb.

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H10 SL1More details

Optically exactly focus, because that true power upgrade.1630 lumens every bulb.6000K cool white color.Designed and also tested come OEM standards, for lengthy life.