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I guess gone space the days once a 4 3/4 chevy wheel fits any type of chevy you had actually in the garage...I have actually a 2006 Impala SS, I"m searching for a replacement collection of wheels. I recognize they room 18" through 5x115 bolt pattern however there is a question of compatibility ~ above offset.I have uncovered a nice collection of 2014 Buick Verano wheels that are 18" and have the 5x115 bolt pattern. Deserve to I use these on mine Impala?Thanks! Duane

I don"t have any first-hand suffer with placing those wheel top top the Impala, but just by looking at them, they look favor they are high balance out wheels, just like the Impala wheels, so i don"t think you"ll have any issues.
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GM has absolutely started transforming around wheel offsets and caliper combinations, amongst other things, which have the right to complicate wheel changes. There are an ext than a few reputable online wheel dealers/refinishers who can assist you locate the Hollander number because that your original wheel and also that the the wheel you desire to use. Using the Hollander numbers, you have the right to generally uncover the wheel specs (e.g., offsets, etc.) and them do an educated guess. Almost no wheel seller will certainly commit straight to saying the something non-original to a provided model is guarantee to fit.Your wheel swap might be do-able, just needs girlfriend to carry out a small homework. Great luck and also let us recognize what happens.
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2014 Verano wheels, in 18 customs form, are 8Jx18 ET46, 5x115 bolt pattern, 235/45r182006 Impala SS wheels space 7Jx18 ET52, 5x115 bolt pattern, 235/50r18Plugging it into a handy dandy calculator shows that the top of the tire will be 0.5" farther far from the wheel well, the inside sidewall will certainly be 0.24" farther away from the suspension and also frame, and also the external sidewall will be 0.24" aside from that out, and your speedometer will check out faster, it will show 60mph
86.7mph.While the does seem that it must fit, I carry out not know just how it will impact handling characteristics.Hope this helps.

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