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I think I have actually a bad oil pressure sensor. Deserve to anyone phone call me whereby the sensor is situated on a 2003 dodge Dakota?

4.7L it"s right beside the oil filter. Best means to carry out the occupational is drainpipe the oil, remove the filter, remove the sensor then turning back the work. Basically have to do an oil change, expect you didn"t simply do one recently.Once you remove the oil filter you will certainly see precisely where this sensor is at. I need to replace mine as well, not every time however 8 out of 10 time my oil pressure gauge will not work-related until ns shut the engine off and also restart it. Just does this when the truck has actually sat for much more then 24 hours.
Faulty Oil pressure sender (sensor)It to be due for an oil change. So ns was maybe to replace the sensor and also solve the indication problem. Ns did have to buy a $10 deep socket come remove and re-instal the sensor (I might never need again) but the full repair price was much less then ns would have actually paid because that the tow truck. Thanks for the information Cloned_R/T. Gerry

It to be due for an oil change. So ns was may be to replace the sensor and solve the clues problem. Ns did need to buy a $10 deep socket to remove and also re-instal the sensor (I may never need again) but the total repair price was less then ns would have actually paid because that the tow truck. Many thanks for the information Cloned_R/T. Gerry
Is this a socket with a slot machined out prefer an O2 sensor socket? also what dimension is the socket girlfriend used?I plan on instead of my sensor following spring prior to I begin driving the again because that the season. I additionally might need to replace a lower radiator gasket or o-ring, noticed a leak coming from the area when I walk an oil adjust last november.
My oil push sensor is also bad. If the outside temp is below around 45 Deg. The will review 0 oil pressure. If ns turn and it off and restart that it registers normal. My inquiry is this: which sensor to use? my Dakota is a 2004 4.7l. The auto parts store mirrors 2 available. One for a gauge and one because that a light. The evade dealer says there to be no light for a 2004. The parts locations did not have actually one because that a gauge. Will certainly the one for a light work? over there ia a huge difference in cost in between the parts house and the dealer. Also the dealer go not have one.

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My indication was 0 too. I never ever tried come restart. It to be cold the day. The component I changed was $24.00 and also was dubbed a oil pressure sender. Duralast PS535 is the item number.You have the right to look that up on the web to watch what it looks like. The components store didnt market me an additional choice. If no various other option, you deserve to order one native the internet too i suppose. Hope the helps.
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