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Had a password P0750 litter my inspect engine light for me, so because I needed to change a solenoid and also this is a pretty typical dodge transmission, I believed I might put this up right here so probably someone else can benefit from mine experience. Job was pretty simple. Took around 2 hrs start come finish. Unlike part transmissions, the solenoids room not personally serviceable and also require removing the valve body. The solenoid assembly sits on peak of the valve body. You"ll need to acquire a new pan gasket and also I recommend instead of both oil filters in the transmission while you have it apart.

Tools Needed:

1/4" or 3/8" ratchet

~6" expansion for ratchet

8mm socket

10mm socket

T-20 torx driver

Putty knife

Drain pan

Oil filter wrench

Solvent (soapy water, brake cleaner, etc)

medium to course grit abrasive pad

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Step 1: Draining the infectious diseases worldwide Fluid

These transmissions execute not have drainpipe plugs on the pans, for this reason the only method to drainpipe them is to eliminate the pan. This often tends to do a little bit of a mess, so have actually your drainpipe pan and some towels ready.

I prefer to remove all of the bolts under the political parties of the pan, then eliminate all however the center bot top top the front and also rear. As soon as you"re under to the 2 bolts, loosen the rear one to around 3/4 out, climate loosen the front to the same. When holding the rear of the pan, eliminate the behind bolt and use a putty knife come get between the pan and also the infection housing. Lower the rear of the pan and also let it pour out into the drainpipe pan till it slows. Once the trans liquid slows sufficient that it"s almost stopped, host the pan versus the trans through one hand if removing the front bolt with the other. Reduced the pan, empty it int the drain pan and set it aside.

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Step 2: The Valve Body


OK.. So now you"re spring up into the trans and you watch the valve body. First we have to remove the black color plastic filter housing. There is a single T-20 Torx bolt holding it on. Eliminate the bolt, collection it aside and also wiggle the filter off.

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On the top side is a 20-way connector which demands to it is in undone. Release the red security tab (slide downward), push the black release tab at the optimal of the connector and also release the white locking bar. It could take a little wiggle, however the connector must come appropriate off.

With the connector off, over there are six bolts holding the valve body up. I circled their places in red in the picture. Eliminate them. Once they"re every out, it may take a tiny wiggling, yet the valve body will drop out.

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Step 3: The Solenoid Pack


The solenoid fill is organized on by the bolts located in next the red box. Take them every out and also the solenoid load will nearly fall off of the valve body.

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Step 4: Bolting increase the brand-new Solenoids


After the new solenoid load is in place and lined up, begin the bolts and run lock all under to around finger tight. There space arrows embossed into the valve body. These bolts need to be torqued first. Torque every bolts to 50 in/lbs.

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Step 5: Reinstall Valve Body


Lubricate the seal on around the connector with petroleum jelly. Position, align and reinstall the valve body into the transmission. Seat the valve body and also install a bolt or 2 to organize it. Put the various other bolts in and evenly and also alternately talk them to 105 in/lbs.

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Step 6: Buttoning increase the Job

Now is a good time to change the filters. There are two in this transmission. One is the traditional plastic filter which attaches come the valve human body (the one we removed in the first couple steps. The other looks choose an engine oil filter and screws on. Walk ahead and replace these and also meet me at the next paragraph.

OK. Filters are done. Remove the old pan gasket from the pan and clean the gasket surface with one abrasive pad and also a mild detergent or brake cleaner. Take it some warm soapy water or brake cleaner and rinse the within of the infection pan. Let the pan dry completely before reinstalling.

After clean the pan surface and giving the mating surface on the transmission a when over to remove an dirt and also oil, position, align and install the transmission pan. Once every one of the bolts are installed to finger tight, evenly torque the bolts come 105 in/lbs in an alternate pattern.

Reconnect the 20-way connector, to fill the infectious diseases worldwide with about 5 quarts of ATF+4 and also take it for a ride. Hope it all resolved for you.


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