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Im in the final steps of replacing the hub assembly on my 5.7 2003 lamb 2500 4x4 and looking for the torque specs ~ above the hub assembly, axle nut, and also calibers...if anyone can provide that details it would be considerably appreciated....

Im in the final steps of instead of the hub assembly on my 5.7 2003 lamb 2500 4x4 and also looking for the speak specs ~ above the hub assembly, axle nut, and calibers...if everyone can carry out that info it would certainly be significantly appreciated....

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This is for a 2006 however I think that is near if not the very same as a 2003.Caliper Mounting Pins prior - 24 Ft. Lbs.Caliper Adapter Mounting Bolts front HD - 250 Ft. Lbs.HUB INSTALLATION1. Clean axle shaft and also apply a thin film of gease to the tower splines and also hub bore.2. Download axle pillar through the steering knuckle and into the differential side gears.3. Install hub bearing in the knuckle.4. Download hub bearing bolts and also tighten to 202 Nm (149 ft. Lbs.).5. Install ABS wheel rate sensor, brake rotor and also caliper.6. Download axle washer and also nut. Tighten axle seed to 179 Nm (132 ft. Lbs.).7. Revolve axle numerous 5 come 10 times to chair the wheel bearing.8. Tighten axle seed to last torque that 356 Nm (263 ft. Lbs.).9. Align nut to following cotter pen hole and also install new cotter pin.
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